Downfall of the " Need for Speed "

There is a huge competition in the gaming market.Every developer tries its best to develop a complete and unique game that is liked by the users worldwide.Many developers are famous for their work in the gaming market like EA,Bathesda,Ubisoft and many more.But from recent years mostly their titles are not liked by the gaming community.Some games have the bad story or lack some important points of the story(Incomplete Story),lacks important characters from previous titles,music is not excellent,game has bugs,multiplayer is not up to the mark and many more.

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bloodcut3146d ago

Really most of us are done with this street racing thing. I need my old NFS experience back.

Muitnorts3146d ago

Only let Criterion touch it now... Let them alternate between Burnout and NFS or something like that.

Bob5703146d ago

Need For Speed Underground was the downfall of Need For Speed. That was almost 10 years ago.

FragMnTagM3146d ago

Holy cow that was painful to read. Seriously, who edits your website? Have they taken an English class? I was thinking that it may have been translated, but alas that passed for the English language.

Get someone to edit your site, or take some basic third grade English classes.

That said, your article is spot on. Need for Speed games have sucked for a long time now. I miss the games that came out on the original Playstation. They were the best ones in my opinion.

Hopefully Criterion can give the crappy NFS team some pointers on how to make a good driving game.

(Hint): NFS: The Run is NOT it.