OXCGN’S Goldeneye 007 Reloaded Review - Loaded with blanks, or cynic-piercing bullets?


"I know I’m going to shock some of you with this statement: I enjoyed Goldeneye Reloaded MORE than Modern Warfare 3.

There I said it, and I stick by it.

Activision’s newest James Bond game may not beat Modern Warfare 3 for scale, drama, or cinematics, but for actual gameplay it reinforces the argument that not all modern First Person Shooters need to be serious warfare games."

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gaminoz3147d ago

I'm sooo glad offline multi is back in a Bond game.

Belgavion3147d ago

Saw this reviewed on Good Game last night as well. Looks and sounds better than expected. Pity it won't sell too well this time of year

gaminoz3147d ago

Yeah it's up against Activision's own COD as well. They should alternate!

BadCircuit3147d ago

I love the original Nightfire game, by the devs who created this game but its too bad this game didn't bring the bots back though...

Jake_the_Dog3147d ago

Multiplayer offline is good, single player was meh.