Final Fantasy Type-0 Ultimania confirms localization, Versus XIII tidbit

Some news from the Final Fantasy Type-0 Ultimania guide is beginning to leak out. It confirms localization of Type-0 and contains a tidbit on the moogles in Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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stonecold33149d ago

i hope ffvs 13 is out next year best rpg this gen?

RedDead3149d ago

September..calling it now

DigitalRaptor3149d ago

I'm calling December in Japan. Could be worldwide.

iamtehpwn3149d ago

My Guess for a Versus Release date?
Japan: December 2012
NA/PAL: March 2013

PshycoNinja3149d ago

I thought Square was going for a "every territory same day" release with Versus.

Anyways knowing Square they announce release dates for their games a few months before they actually release the game and Kitase said that they will have more info on Versus XIII within the next few months. So I am thinking that RedDeadDestroyer is right on the money. Nomura always releases his main console games in the mid year (Kingdom Hearts- September; KH2 - March)

I think it will be a summer release and will release around August or September. Although I have the hunch that NA and Europe will get the game before the end of 2012.

jacksonmichael3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

I had really just assumed Type-0 would come out here. I mean... This is Square Enix, not Nintendo or Namco Bandai. Square Enix still likes money. A release date would be great, though.

TheBlackMask3149d ago

Oh god please make them rename FF13 Versus to seperated it from FF13. If Type-0 did it then I'm sure Versus can to. I know the mythology is supposed to be the same but with all the small amounts of previews we've seen of Versus they don't seem to be linked at all. Hell they look like two seperated universes even though there supposed to be set in the same world.

Square...please just make it an official sequel. Final Fantasy 15

PshycoNinja3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

For the sake of making more money this would be a wise move for Square.

Think about it: A lot of gamers were burned by Final Fantasy XIII and will probably not pick up XIII-2 because of it. While Square has addressed many of the problems of XIII there is still a stigma that the game wasnt great or for that matter good.

So Joe Shmo who has only played XIII or just heard about how bad XIII was will probably not pick up XIII-2, Versus XIII or (for that matter) anything associated with Final Fantasy XIII. I understand they both have the same mythos but they are two completely different Universes. As a matter of fact there is only one fal'cie in Versus and that is Ethos (goddess of death) and you dont really see her or anything (like any god like figure).

So in gamers, Squares and everyone's best interest they should rename the game to Final Fantasy Versus or Final Fantasy XV. They can do it smart way too if they're that worried about confusing people about the name of the game. In the next trailer they release at the end where they show the name they can show "Final Fantasy Versus XIII" and then they could make the title glow brightly to where you cant see it anymore and when the light dims you see "Final Fantasy XV" or "Final Fantasy Versus".

I'll let everyone ponder that while I write my long a** paper that is due in a few hours.

Kamikaze1353149d ago

Mid-late 2013

XIII-2 comes out overseas early 2012 and SE are going to relaunch XIV late 2012 on PC and early 2013 on the PS3. This was confirmed and they will not release a highly anticipated multi-million title so close to this relaunch.

belac093149d ago


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