The most disappointing games of 2011

PCA: "Here are our 11 biggest disappointments of 2011. These are the games that should have been classics, but in the end they failed to deliver."

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CustardTrout2973d ago

Ha, awesome. It's nice someone actually agrees with me.
Love the last one too, forgot about that game...

Laxman2973d ago

I had a game of You Dare with some friends and it ended JUST like the trailer... too bad there were no girls present.

showtimefolks2972d ago

you know i played most of the big games besides skyrim because i am not a fan of elder scrolls series though i respect the fact its one of the best series this gen.

I had a horrible time with batman 2 and i loved the 1st batman. Its so frustrating to know i liked the 1st but hated the sequel even though the sequel improved upon everything. I thought boss battles were under whelming and towards the 2nd half of the game it was really frustrating to just find out where you suppose to go. In batman 3 they need to have a much better way point system.

But more than batman Rage was a bigger disappointment, ID i know y'all have done a lot of FPS but for the love of your fanbase please hire some people who actually know how to do a story. I don't mind a game running at locked 30FPS as long as all the textures isn't popping up every minute. Also maybe next time have a IN GAME MAP.

I had a blast with saints row 3 but SR series could be a lot more than just craziness all the time. SR series has the potential but TGQ has to realize that and make the next game better. Keep the craziness but also have a more polished product and a better story

snipes1012972d ago

I agree, Rage was an extremely dry, characterless experience. It was just a show girl for their tech.

As for Batman, I, too enjoyed the first one more. The world was just more charming and felt less convoluted. Arkham City almost feels too big.

Perjoss2972d ago

*Hands first prize to Brink*

SSKILLZ2972d ago

Definetly, that game was extream garbage

grumpysmurf2973d ago

I was getting ready to Hulk out about Arkham City, but they're talking exclusively about the PC game. Still a bit of a stretch I reckon.

BrianC62342973d ago

They should have put (PC) next to the name so everyone would see that right away. I think they just wanted everyone to blow a gasket.

Commander_TK2972d ago

Well it is a f***ing PC site.

HardCover2972d ago

Serves them right for not reading the article.

wallis2972d ago

I think what was a real kick in the nads for AC PC players was the delay. I don't mind a game getting a delay on the PC because half the time the community just bitches about how it's just a lazy port, but it was the fact we had to wait an extra month and for what? So they can weigh it down with DRM.

I had an argument with a tech support guy that ended in me fixing most of my issues by cracking my game. I've never felt so angry at a game in my life. Firstly the sound is broken, it crashes 1 out of 2 launches, the securom complains about the DVD when I bought the damn steam version, games for windows live is a system hogging pain that's made painfully redundant by steam, and the whole DLC thing is a bit insulting when I've bought it day 1.

It just feels completely irritating. Imagine buying a game for your xbox and the main menu says "Press *triangle* to start". That's what arkham city feels like. It's a great game but I've never had to fight a piece of software so hard in my life. A month's delay to make it work would have been one thing, but a month's delay to beat me to death with DRM is just insulting.

STONEY42972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I've had about 5 Securom-caused crashes so far. It's annoying. DX11 was broken, don't know if it was patched yet. And apparently people were able to buy the game in stores before the last delay was announced. So it was a total BS delay.

Well, at least the game looks and runs well. In fact, it's one of the best looking UE3 games. The problem isn't the port or the game though, it's the treatment we were given and the DRM.

Kurylo3d2972d ago

The batman arkyum city is awesome on the pc. Way more detailed textures, effects, and resolution... even if your using dx9... I have an old gpu and i ran arkyum city maxed out high resolution in dx 9 with physx set to low... which is already atop the console version besides the graphics.. consoles dont have physx. The only I was disappointed with was the ending lol. But other then that one of the best games ever made.

DonaldBeck2973d ago

batman ak, it was the worst i had played in 2011.

Starbucks_Fan2973d ago ShowReplies(3)
cyborg69712973d ago

Winning. Goty that is. Go AC.

omi25p2972d ago

Clearly you havent played any other game this year then.

Because if i had only played BM AC this year it would also be my worst and best game of the year.

slayorofgods2972d ago

No, Dragon Age 2 by far is the biggest disappointment.

Bioware was poised to be crowned the greatest rpg maker this generation with the release of Mass Effect and Dragon Age. But Dragon Age 2 was such a disappointment it even made Mass Effect 2 (a fine sequel) look worse. It's too bad because Dragon Age was such a great game, but now we really have to question Bioware's new direction (now under EA)and that is because of Dragon Age 2.

Drake1172972d ago

I thought Rage was a far bigger disappointment. That game was hyped for like 4 years and turned out to have average gameplay, terrible story, and the worst texture pop-in i think i have ever seen.

Bob5702972d ago

I don't know, Crysis 2 is pretty bad.

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BiggCMan2973d ago

Dead Island is a great game, a very underrated title, and my vote for sleeper hit of the year. Sure it's not what everyone thought it would be with that original trailer, but so what. It's a great game with awesome game elements.

JellyJelly2973d ago

I love it. After the recent patch it's even better. Everyone ought to give it a try.

MysticStrummer2973d ago

Everyone who has a medical condition that forces them to play bad games to keep their head from exploding should try it.

mafiahajeri2973d ago

Sleeper hit? Wasnt there alot of hypesurrounding it? My understanding of a sleeper hit is when a game is
low on hype and thenPOW!! The game comes out of no where.

Mine would be warhammer space marines now that was a sleeper there was no hype around it and the game delivered on all levels with great SP and great MP and also CO-OP.

antz11042972d ago

I love DI, and I completely disagree with Batman AC.

Brink is the worst game ever, lol, so I guess it evens out.

KwietStorm2972d ago

I liked the idea of Dead Island, and I'm really over the zombie love to begin with, but the execution with the game is where is dropped the ball. The game is filled with questionable design decisions, and much of it starts to drag on after a while. And that's not even touching all the technical issues. People talk all the time about games being rushed to meet the ship deadline. Well they were talking about this game. I had fun with it, but it really isn't that memorable. And it had a boatload of hype. It can't be a sleeper hit.

IcarusOne2972d ago

Loved rewatching that trailer. Jesus. Still brings tears to my eyes.

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