Weird Latin American PlayStation Ad Tries to Define What Life Is

What is life? Everyone might have their own personal definition, but in Sony Latin America’s eyes, life is PlayStation.

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ftwrthtx2979d ago

I like it.

Why was the guy from the TV show "Lie to Me" in it I wonder.

Nitrowolf22979d ago

I'm a bit confused myself. A few of those clips are actually from user generated short films. Not sure if any of what was shown in the clip other then the audio is actually Original

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2979d ago

The guys in the office throwing paper balls in a trash can is from an audi commercial.

kneon2979d ago

And why is a commercial that is supposedly for latin america in english?

Godmars2902979d ago

Clips from shows available on PSN?

Nitrowolf22978d ago

nah these are actually from the internet

the first of the clip is here
the rest are in other places

RedDead2979d ago

Thanks Sony, for reminding me how much the Human race sucks

tawak2979d ago

sorry mate, its just you

darfreeze2979d ago

The video remind me that there won't be a 5th season of the IT Crowd.

taijutsu3632979d ago

It was.............different.

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