OXCGN’s Saints Row: The Third Review- Most insane game of the year?


"Volition have always stressed that whilst Saints Row is a sandbox title it differs from the GTA series in every way shape and form.

With the release of Saints Row: The Third (SR:3) these differences couldn’t be more obvious."

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gaminoz2970d ago

This is one over-the-top game that doesn't take itself seriously, that's for sure, but some of it is pretty 'iffy'

Letros2970d ago

Newp, that goes to Serious Sam 3, have them both :-D

BadCircuit2970d ago

I have always loved sandbox games but I don't know if one that doesn't takes itself seriously is one that I want...

Starbucks_Fan2970d ago

Yep. Driving around in a green fire truck with nitrous and spikes is pretty insane.

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