Steam Console AKA Red Riding Hood Releases Launch Trailer, And Pre-Orders

Today has begun a new era in video gaming as NP Entertainment LLC officially announces the release date, and launch trailer for their project “Red Riding Hood Computer Entertainment System”. Aiming at closing the gap between console games and PC games the ambitious projects brings you the best of both worlds. RRCES has both the horse power to run games in 1080P, and define home computing with it’s Windows 7 operating environment. “We wanted gamers out there to learn that they don’t have to be stripped of their right to use their hardware. With our open ended system, people have the comfort of a gaming console with the functionality of a PC”, Spokesperson Peter T proclaims, “Why should there still be boundaries during this age of technological growth through out the world, can’t there be one thing that does everything?”

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aviator1892974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Hmm, the name could be better.

Voxelman2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

This may be news to you but you can play most modern (non RTS/MMO) PC games with a 360 controller and you get the button prompts just like you would on a 360. Many PC gamers go as far as hooking their PCs up to their TVs and playing just like you would a console exept with better graphics and mods.

lol I see you edited your post, but yes the name is a bit stupid sounding, maybe it's just a codename?

darthv722973d ago

a next gen version of the phantom system. That was supposed to bridge the gap between pc and console as well but it turned out to be a.....phantom.

I can see how this could be confused with valve because of the "steam" in the name but i think it is more than that. Perhaps valve had some help in making the content delivery system work.

GamerXGATT2974d ago

X-Box Wireless Windows controller automatically puts those on if you have it plugged in. Try it :P

Voxelman2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Well I supose that next gen fusion CPUs will crush current consoles but will probably be outdated when next gen consoles show up. Still it's a decent price for the hardware and as long as Valve hurry up with that TV freindly interface this could be a good entry point for gamers that want a taste of the flexability and freedom offered by PC gaming. And if it's successful enough could act as a good baseline for developers to target for specs and may even allow some more console like optimisations.

aaaaaaaaa2973d ago

"Still it's a decent price for the hardware and as long as Valve hurry up with that TV freindly interface "

I dont think this has anything to do with Valve or steam

Voxelman2973d ago

I was talking about this which would be a perfect complement to this as it's meant to be used as like a console hooked up to a TV.

ninjahunter2973d ago

I did a little research and the price is pretty spot on. It just turns out that fusion hardware is ridiculously cheap. You could probably save %50 if you knew what you were looking for though.

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ninjahunter2973d ago

Buy it --> Scrap it ---> Profit?

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The story is too old to be commented.