Gaming Together Forever - The Most Memorable Video Game Marriage Proposals

GP Editor Sean Dimagiba writes, "Some time or another, a man or a woman will find their soul mate, and they'll spend time with each other. After a while, this couple will realize that there's something special between them; some sort of spark that ignites in no other way seen before. Now, usually for a guy but sometimes for girls in certain circumstances, the guy will have a special task to complete. If this guy is a gamer, than they'll realize that this task is harder than any end boss or achievement they ever encountered in any video game. What task might this be, you ask? It is none other than asking another's hand at marriage.

It's been done millions of time; some bloke kneels down and pulls out a shiny ring. Quite impressive! But how about something a little more gamer-friendly? Ever seen a Halo Spartan propose to another Halo Spartan? Ever played a level in LittleBigPlanet only to reach the end and find a message 'Will you marry me?' Well, thanks to these next awesome people, marriage proposals no longer have to be restricted to simple ideas. Now, video games play a roll in the step towards ever-lasting love. Watch out, reader, and prepare to feel all icky and warm inside."

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Beatboxtaun2971d ago

I love this post. The Gary Hudson Project has to be one of my favorite love stories ever! Plus, it includes one of my favorite games. =)