What to expect from the new Xbox

aGamingSite writes: 'The rumours surrounding a possible new Xbox have been coming in fast recently, with many speculating on when it will be released to the public gaze, however it seems multiple sources are hinting at being able to grab a glimpse at the E3 conference in 2013.'

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GodKing13373148d ago

A hexa core processor, with 2 Gb of ram and obviously avatar graphics >:)

Shackdaddy8363147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

I'm assuming you're joking with the Avatar graphics...

On topic: Isn't the "enhanced AI" tidbit the same for every console next gen? It's not like hardware automatically makes a game have better AI. The people have to program it.

GodKing13373147d ago

those are the rumors (well stated by companies them selves) , that is what the VIDEO CARD is capable of. That does not have anything to do with AI. When you go to a store to buy a video car (e.g. Nvidia GTX 590), you would most likely compare it to a game or graphics that can be achieved by it. If you think about it its not too far fetched, because the gtx 590 can pretty much run avatars graphics and its way more than you need to max out bf3 in fact you could run two or three window of that game on max with that video card.

Shackdaddy8363147d ago

No gaming computer can run even close to Avatar graphics. Do you know how long it took for them to process the movie? Days...on supercomputers. The movie was 1 petabyte...

Kurt Russell3147d ago

I want it to wash and iron my clothes whilst I play.

pucpop3147d ago

An out of date GPU after 6 months

SleazyChimp3147d ago

I suppose you change your gpu in your pc every 6 months? If not then it would be out of date. Must be why all of the newest and hottest games sold more than double on the console than the pc huh?