Skyrim – The Complete 50 Skill Trainers of Skyrim

"As you venture through Skyrim, there will be several NPCs that will give their service to you and give you easy skill points for a Gold. Some of these trainers can be your followers, while some can be just random people that you meet in towns." - JPS

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UNCyrus3147d ago

Thanks for compiling this.

Perjoss3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

I'm ashamed to say after spending a TON of hours in Skyrim I still don't really understand the trainers system. I know they improve your skills at the cost of gold, but can you only train 5 times from each 1 ever, or is it 5 times per level.

It just seems quite easy to get to a high level if you have the gold. I dunno, it also seems much more satisfying to reach 100 in say 1 or 2 hand weapons from combat alone.

Bigpappy3147d ago

Thats the great thing about having choices and just one of the reasons why people love this series.

There are lots of things to level up. And, yes, If you have enough gold, you can level-up all of those things: The problems with that choice, is that gold is not that easy to come by; To get it you have to get deep into the game anyway; Not all trainers can get you to the higher levels; Without a cheat like this, they are more like added bonuses to find.

What you should really do, is ignore these cheats and just pay the game. It really is much more fun if you discover these things on your own.

Perjoss3147d ago

Oh for sure, I've never understood cheating in games, especially a game like Skyrim, so much more fun to do things naturally. I suppose achievement / trophy junkies find cheating kind of useful.

There are some console commands for PC Skyrim that allow you to remove perk points and reassign them as you see fit, I think this is cool if you choose some really bad perks early on, not really a cheat if you remove the same amount of perks as you put back in though.