Can Mega Man be Saved?

GameXplain: "Friends, gamers, bombers of the color blue, lend me your ears. I call on all of you to remember a time when Mega Man was a dominant force, a time when he had games coming out each year, a time when he was never far from gamers’ minds. It seems ages ago, but it really wasn’t. Capcom has apparently forgotten about him, and they seem content to leave it that way. Mega Man as a character was once the embodiment of the company yet lately he appears to have fallen from grace. His games have been cancelled, and the only time fans see him is when he’s a background cameo or being used merely as a downloadable skin. While these few nods are appreciated, they often serve as a heartbreaking reminder of just how cast aside Mega Man has become."

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newsguy3109d ago

Mega Man isn't worth saving. He's always been a C level star at best.

SKUD3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Another example would be the Ridge racer series. Personally it was my favorite arcade racer on the PS1 (Rage racer and Type4 especially). The series now however just keeps falling in the wrong hands. I don't know if its lack of creativity or understanding of the series and what made it a good game/fun.

I'd rather see it end then to keep pumping out half way decent sequels. I don't think its fair to ruin the creators hard work and vision if your not going to live up too it or improve it in some way.


gumgum993109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

not sure if serious...

Mega Man isn't the problem here, its Capcom's awkward incompetence to put him back on the front saddle.

stragomccloud3109d ago

When I think back to the NES days, the 3 games franchises that were the biggest of the big, it would have to be Mario, Castlevania, and Megaman.

Godmars2903109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Need to make it more of a kinetic title. A side-scroller beat em up and platformer that use more than platforms.

I keep thinking of an indy PC title called Armed with Wings. Some of the fan stuff on Newgrounds.

LightofDarkness3109d ago

He can be, of course, but only if Capcom don't touch it :p

But seriously, look at Rayman: Origins. Talk about coming back with a bang. All we need is a classic 2D Megaman or X/Zero game, with hand-drawn and animated high-res sprites, with a lovingly composed soundtrack (arguably a very important factor in a MM game). You could apply lessons learned from other games like NSMB and Rayman too, like co-op and various incentives to encourage full completion and greater replayability.

Kyosuke_Sanada3109d ago

Just give the Megaman name to another company because right now reimagining a classic is currently not Capcom's strong suit. Also, putting him in Marvel vs Capcom 3 now is too late now to really turn the sales around for the game.

The only thing Capcom is going to do is create yet another collection (I would say HD but see after Resident Evil 4 that remains to be seen.) which most Megaman fans already have plenty of....

meowthemouse3109d ago

Give megaman to cave story dev, which of course wont happen cause capcom keeps thinking its the best.

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