Why Sony’s PlayStation 4 won’t be what you assume.

PS4Home: "The PlayStation 4 will be born into a changing technological world. Here is what it’ll do."

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CynicalVision2973d ago

'New and improved gamepad'

Hopefully not, there's a reason why Sony have kept the same basic design since the first PlayStation.

Dante1122973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Yeah, I really like the gamepad.

"The above data shows that the average time between the releases of previous Sony consoles is 5.5 years. It is expected that Sony will begin talking about the PS4 sometime next year (2012), and will release it in 2013. Which brings the question… why is the gap now likely to be 7 years? The answer is the internet… Sony has been able to evolve the PlayStation 3 with constant updates and changes, luxuries that were never really possible with the PS2 or PS1, which has increased the longevity of the PS3."

Been the same with the Xbox360 too. I think after the PS4 and the next Xbox releases, those consoles might be around for the full 10 years and maybe longer, before the next gen begins again. Everything will be upgradable.

gamernova2973d ago

Then it would be called a PC :)

Dojan1232973d ago

Also trying to make up the lost money from the first few years and MS has not put anything out since the 360.

cloud4952973d ago

They should improve it but not change it completely. For example change the R2 and L2 to concave.

TheFirstClassic2973d ago

I love everything about the ps3 controller except R2 and L2. Changing them to concave sounds good to me, my complaint about those buttons are minor but I would like an improvement.

GarandShooter2973d ago

I agree. I have those clip on pieces which work ok, but I tend to pop them off during intense gameplay and it sometimes pisses me off, lol.

DarkTower8052973d ago

@garandshooter, super glue them on. I had the same problem with the triggers until I glued them on.

sikbeta2973d ago

I want Real Triggers! DS3 is good but it could be better


I assume that IF it has PS1+PS2+PS3 BC it'll be the Best Console Ever!!!

AngryTypingGuy2973d ago

They need to slightly modify the design so that your fingers naturally rest on the triggers, not L1 and R1. Also, of course, real triggers. If they did that, then the Xbox and PS3 would be on even par for shooters.

I like the responsive analog sticks of the current PS3 controller, and of course the PS3 controller has the absolute best D-Pad in the business.

Saigon2972d ago

Funny how they tried to make those changes with the redesign controller that everyone complained about.

Disccordia2972d ago

They also need to make it smooth all over too - get rid of the ridges around face buttons and dpad.

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CloseSecond2973d ago

Controllers are a complete rip off but a real cash cow for Sony. Why would would they want to miss out on all that revenue by allowing you to use your ps3 controller with the ps4.

I'm sure Sony will come up with some feature or spin to justify why the ps3 controller will be incompatible with the ps4. Remember how they tried to say force feedback was last gen when it was absent from tbe original ps3 controller.

DragonKnight2973d ago

I'm sorry for being so rude but, are you really that stupid?

Sony was involved with legal issues with the creators of the Dualshock's rumble technology. That's why it was absent from the original controller. Now granted, Sony did say that it was last gen, but that doesn't negate the fact that they had no choice to keep rumble out until the legal issues were resolved.

How are the controllers a complete rip off? Have you seen the alternatives? The PS3 controller has the best battery life, is rechargeable WITHOUT needing some add-on or external recharge station you'd buy from a store, and the design has received multiple awards from many sources.

So seriously, are you really that stupid or are you just being a trolling fanboy?

Saigon2972d ago

Yeah it will be that sensor feature that they have a patent for.

christoph2032973d ago

i know too many people who dont like the dualshock feel, xbox 360 has a nicer fit in your hands i think, sony need too re-invent for the ps4.. im a ps3 owner aswell

Rynx2973d ago

"I know too many people who don't like the xbox controller, the dualshock has a nicer fit in your hands I think, MS needs to re-invent it for the next xbox... I'm an Xbox owner aswell"

see what I did there.

Venjense2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

PS3 controller definitely needs an update, the L2/R2 triggers need more spring resistance, the analogs need to be concave (fingers literally slide off during NHL) and it needs other subtle design changes like a size increase.

It's been the same thing for 15 years, ergonomics have advanced.

As a PS3 and 360 owner, every time I come from playing 360 to PS3 the DS3 feels like less confortable.

And, 4 of my friends who had 360s then switched over to PS3 when their 360s broke, like PS3 more but they all think the controller is less confortable and the L2/R2 triggers suck - wrong shape and weak resistance.

All you people defending it like Sony fundamentalists fear change, are stuck in the past, or are ignorant fanboys.

Playstation controllers definitely need a major update to adopt advancements in ergonomics made in the past 15 years.

GanjaMan2973d ago

Naa they need to change up the controller, they've had the same controller layout for what 15 years now? They NEED to change it, not the button layout thats perfection but defiantly the shoulder buttons especially R2 and L2 and maybe even make the controller a bit chunkier not 360 pad chunkier but defiantly chunkier and abit heavier!

christoph2032973d ago

agreed, they need to re=invent it, having the ps3 & ps3 controller pretty much the same took alot of the exitement out of the ps3 aswell.. they defintly need too sort out of the triggers

modesign2972d ago

dont forget microsoft had the same controller layout for 10 years. talk about kettle calling the cauldron black.

GanjaMan2972d ago Show
Pacman3212973d ago

I think they may add a little screen to the centre of the dualshock, similar to the dream cast.

Focus2973d ago

Did you just say no thanx to a new and IMPROVED gamepad? Lol so it doesn't matter to you if they actually make it better, you're just concerned that it remain the same?

Kahvipannu2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Damn, I'm going to get a lot of disagrees, but I'll say this anyway.

I would love to see new gamepad, don't get me wrong, DS3 is great still, but it has a lot to improve. First the shoulder buttons, anyone who have played with X0 controller, or similar, knows how weak they are in DS3.

Second is the thumb-sticks. They could be a lot more "jerky", now they are way too "loose" to say. They work, but could be improved.

Two things more that are maybe personal references, but it's sice, and weight. DS3 feels so light in your hands, give it some weight.

Secondly, as I stated, the design. Again, nothing wrong, but it's a bit small, and the shape/design is from 90's. Make it bigger to fit hands right, and more ergonomic shaped, it doesn't fit in your hands as well as some other gamingpads these days. I know it's iconic to PS-brand, and people still want to keep it as it is, but if nothing never changes, wheres the innovation?

I wouldn't go apeshit if they wouldn't change the controller in future, since it still does it's work, but I do hope they will atleast improve it. And no, I'm not talking about some gimmicky motion controls that it now have, but real changes.

miyamoto2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I feel the PS Vita will really affect the PS3 & PS4 big time.

By the time PS3 hits 7 years we will see Quad Core ARM PCs the size of a USB dongle. Small but terribly powerful portable computers with touch screens like the PS Vita & smart phones that can display content on the big HDTVs will be the more preferred and popular devices.

I don't know the future of Blu-Ray or optical media but I can see the future of Sony Entertainment Network, PlayStation Suite, PlayStation Certified, Android, wireless technology, on-line digital entertainment & communication now.

Considering the sagging sales of giant HDTVs, cable subscriptions,and the rise of portable entertainment devices,IMHO believe the PS Vita;s design has effectively converged the home gaming console and portable handheld gaming device functionality into a one stop all-in-one digital entertainment device.

Cenobia2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

IMO they should try to do a redesign that makes sense and then just release a "Classic" controller that is essentially identical to the PS3 controller.

I don't have a problem with the traditional controller, but I don't want them to not improve it just because people seem to like it.

Controllers must have a pretty decent profit margin so I think this would be a win-win. If you despise the new design you can buy the classic.

Or they could just make it backwards compatible with PS3 controllers, but I don't think any company would do that when they could make a profit on the re-release.

DragonKnight2972d ago

"I don't have a problem with the traditional controller, but I don't want them to not improve it just because people seem to like it."

That's a contradiction. Improving implies something is wrong with it, and if people like it then I guess there's nothing wrong with it. I know that's a glib interpretation, but the point is that the Dualshock design has been around so long because it works, not because of simple brand loyalty/recognition.

On a broader note (meaning not directed at you) I would like to know where all you people with asymmetrical hands and hyper-active sweat glands are coming from. My hands, I'm told, are pretty big. They are proportional and they don't sweat like I've been caught cheating on someone. The DS3 is pretty perfect to me. I never have cramps with it, my fingers never slide off it, and apparently I'm in the majority.

So seriously, is there some undiscovered country where people have one hand bigger than the other and they produce enough liquid to water houseplants or something?

Cenobia2972d ago


I just mean that their engineers / designers / whatever can probably think of ways to improve the controller.

My point is that I don't think they should stop looking for ways to improve the controller because people seem to like it. I liked the SNES controller, but was glad to see analog sticks implemented in the new controllers. I doubt there will ever be such a big improvement again, but R&D should always be trying to improve and never just except "it's good enough".

If they release a "Classic" version they can experiment with something new without worrying about offending people that enjoy the regular controller. I guess it is cheaper to use the same molds over and over, but I always thought it would be cool to have the console manufacturers give you a choice when it came to controller (same buttons, but different shape).

I can't seem to trust third party because my past purchases have not made me confident of their products.

Kahvipannu2972d ago

"Improving implies something is wrong with it, and if people like it then I guess there's nothing wrong with it."

That logic really isn't very good. If something is good, liked people it or not, it doesn't mean there is no room for improvement.

You are basically saying it's perfect, and it should not be changed. There will never be progress or improvements if people keep hanging in past just for the sake of it that it works.

I can already say two things that it's competitor have made way better, thumbsticks, and shoulder-buttons. Rest is more like personal references for me, comment above.

about the swety hands and other stuff, I have no idea what your talking about, but if your referring to the shape of the controller, I would for example prefer the shape and weight of X0 controller. And I'm "small handed".

I really don't know why people are so much against the change of the controller here in N4G. For example all my friends I know prefer X0 or thirdparty controllers before DS3..

morkendo2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

article with a quote from Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, whose comments state that next-gen gaming console’s PS4 and XBOX 720 will be so similar to each other due to photorealism: “The PS4 and XBOX 720 will be so close to photo realism that it doesn’t matter. When both would pump out as-good-as-looking-out-the-win dow graphics, what would draw developers or gamers to one or the other machine?”.


showtimefolks2972d ago

well let's see this is what i expect:

4-6GB of ram
a better version of cell processor
cross game chat
a price point of 400 at the most
a improved version of bluray drive wwhich should be faster
350-500gb hard drive
and this time i expect sony to do their own graphic card, they wanted to do their own with ps3 but were running late so this time with enough time i think they will do their own

PS4 will be a lot of devs friendly console. There have been reports that sony has been asking around for suggestion from almost every major 3rd party publisher/devs

The reason a 400 price point at most is because bluray is getting cheaper,Ram isn't that expensive and hard drives have been becoming cheaper. So a graphics card made by sony should save them a few bucks too. Also sony has said they don't want another expensive console even though i would be willing to spend as much as 600-700 because i believe ps3 at 600 till now has paid off for me atleast.

Expect one thing for sure a lot of AAA games at launch don't expect sony to make the same mistake just look at VITA launch i think they understand 2 things now

price point

imagine Killzone 4 launching with ps4 also showing off the tech like only Killzone can.

Resistance 4
A new ratchet game, i believe sony should rest ratcher series till launch of ps4 and really show off the feeling of a new ratchet game like tools of destruction did

also my biggest point and my gutt feeling is ps4 won't be launching anytime before fall of 2014 even if MS brings out their console around fall 2013. Yes sony doesn't want to be the last out they also don't want to rush out. Say what you want but launching one full year after xbox360 and still only behind 2 million and out selling xbox360 every year since launch isn't that bad of a thing.

Last point i believe some of sony's 1st party studios have already started working on ps4 games. Maybe even QD who did heavy rain?

eight days or getaway 3 launch titles for ps4?

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Kamikaze1352973d ago

I just hope it gets a cool interface, stronger processor, all games are native to 1080p, and adds more to the gameplay experience somehow. Graphics are fine the way they are.

yabhero2973d ago

sound like WiiU lol except WiiU will be a big graphic improvement

Ryo-Hazuki2973d ago

All Sony needs to do is offer free online, free party chat, have enough ram for a great interface/features. And come out the same time as there competitor with the same price. Price matters because for most of this gen ps3 was the most expensive console.

olLANDSHARKlo2973d ago

No they need to build there consoles around their online service like 360 does. PSN feels so cheap, 360 is centered around their online service. If I was a offline gamer than of course PS3 would be great.

DA_SHREDDER2973d ago

psn feels so cheap? Sorry it doesn't hype up shovel ware the way xbl does. Talk about a crap interface, you don't even know where everything is at most of the time, and don't even get me started with the Kinect OS. That thing is a disaster. PSN is streamlined just the way I like it. Its almost no different than the IOS cept no touch screen support, which is about the change with the Vita.

Speaking of Vita, considering you can Transfar things, I'm pretty sure Sony is gonna let us use it like the WiiU's control pad. Except its not gonna be so huge, and its gonna have alot more processing power and even its own psn access. It's already been claimed to have X game chat, and saying that, even when the ps4 comes out, if you only have a ps3 and a Vita you can then use the Vita for all your cross game needs. Its gonna be pretty nice. Too bad it isn't a phone other wise it would be a day one purchase.

DebateMaster2973d ago

PSN can only feel cheap to 360 fanboys that think paying for something makes it better...

Focus2973d ago

If they can do all that and not be as arrogant as they were during ps3 pre launch then I'd buy one dbz one

spacedelete2973d ago

"Hopefully not, there's a reason why Sony have kept the same basic design since the first PlayStation."

thats the problem. same design since 1995. its time for change and don't say "dont fix what aint broke". if we were using that logic we would still be playing the PS1 or snes.

kneon2973d ago

Change just for the sake of change is completely stupid. If they are going to change it they need a reason to change it. There is really nothing wrong with the current design so I don't know what they would change except perhaps doing something like adding the rear touchpad from the vita.

Soldierone2973d ago

When graphics get better that means there is a problem when you are not updating, thus its broken.

Controllers still work perfectly fine, nothing NEEDS to be added to them, why change them? The most they should do is incorporate Move in it in some way without forcing you to basically have a Wii and have it as simply a bonus.

If anything else I just ask that they make them slightly bigger to fit peoples hands better, other than that I have no issues with them.

Jac5al2972d ago

Nothing? The dualshock needs some real triggers and could be larger for people for with bigger hands.

Miths2973d ago

"- OnLive service – The future of gaming is cloud-gaming. We are sure Sony will offer this with the new PS4, and will be one of the biggest advancements."

Why would the console makers offer a streaming game service? If they've already managed to sell the consumer a reasonably expensive piece of hardware, why wouldn't people with the necessary bandwidth to stream a game, not just - if they don't want a disc version - download it from the online store for better looking and more reliable experience?

"- 3D Glasses provided – We expect 3D-gaming to advance. Whilst 3D technology is stuttering and new, it is likely to offer an area for 3D game developers, and 3D gamers."

Why the hell would 3D glasses - most of which are currently only working with the 3D TV brands, and in some cases even model series they were purchased for - be included with a game console? Unless they expect Sony to bundle in a free 3D TV as well?
And the rest of the sentence above about 3D is barely coherent and at best saying nothing.