Modern Warfare 3 First DLC Leaked? – Maps from Cod4, MW2, And 2 New Ones

MP1st - "A few weeks ago, we reported on alleged Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty 4 map files found in Modern Warfare 3. In the previous leak, the maps were CoD4′s Crash, Crossfire, Strike, and Overgrown along with MW2′s Highrise. Apparently, there are three other classic maps and two new ones to join the MW3 map rumor mill."

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Criminal2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Paying $15 for 5 maps of which 3 are remade is definitely not fair. They should charge $7 tops for all five.

Mister_V2975d ago

I figured they'd have learned their lesson the first time they tried this.

thrasherv32975d ago

Learned their lesson?

the only thing they learned is that gamers buy this shit up. People still buy it so they still sell it.

StanLee2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

It's funny that the majority of posts in the thread are from anti-Call of Duty fanboys. If you all didn't buy the game, or don't play the game, what the hell are you all commenting for?! In every Call of Duty article it's the same negative comments but you guys are always the first to post. Bugger off. Don't post if you don't care or don't have anything positive to add!

JeffGUNZ2974d ago

@ Stan

You beat me to it. It's always the same people posting the same redundant posts over and over again. Of course I don't expect you people who didn't buy the game to be excited for DLC. What are you even trying to prove? Millions and millions of gamers enjoy COD and you few people on this site are the minority. COD is fun, plain and simple. It's not the best looking, sounding, or polished game ever made, but it's fun and that's what real humans enjoy.

Iroquois_Pliskin2974d ago

@StanLee and @JeffGUNZ

I didnt buy MW3 and im posting on a MW3 article. Bite me.

antz11042974d ago

Actually this is them getting it right. People will pay to have all their favorite past maps brought to this game.

Personally I would rather have High Rise than Terminal and Favela, but all were good.

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iamnsuperman2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

People buy it though and the price matches this (business 101). What business wouldn't want to maximise profits

chriski3332974d ago

nothing new ppl dont learn the milk wagon keeps rolling those assholes at activison have no souls

ReservoirDog3162974d ago

Highrise was like the only good map in mw2 so that'd be good actually.

NuclearDuke2974d ago

Modern Warfare 2 featured the best set of maps in the franchise. Highrise was only popular amongst the Russian community, so I don't get where you're coming from.

Maps such as Skidrow and Terminal was godly created.

ReservoirDog3162974d ago

@ NuclearDuke

Well, I can't at all say I know what you're talking about with russians but all I know is that every* single* map* in* m* w* 2* was made especially with choke points with camping in mind. Like all of them were a camper's paradise much to the aggravation of everyone else.


Derail: by the stairs in the big building

Estate: the top of the stairs in the big house

Favela: everywhere

Terminal: near the end of the hall

Wasteland: inside the bunker in the middle

Everyone exploited those and more and it was terrible. Even iw admitted it.

There were a few good ones though.

CoD4's maps were really* simple and fun though.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2975d ago

Wow, now I see why Cod Elite is a "Value" because they are not wasting effort on making new maps.. 3 Remakes Really?
This needs to stop.
Cod needs to straighten itself out then maybe I would give the game another chance


it will never happen, not while you have a large community of people still willing to buy any and everything MW/cod related.

I suppose it's their money so who are we to say what they should spend it on or enjoy.

the problem I have is it does the rest of the community who want to see a good cod game with new fresh maps and content.

Anyway, Epic managed to release some old gears 1 maps for gears 3 totally free. Mean while, Activision talk everyone into buying elite and getting free maps... which just happen to be a bunch of old maps ( ok with 3 new ones ) but still.

watch it, next year they will be renewing the full membership of elite AND the maps will still cost extra on top.

it's a shame...

-Alpha2975d ago

It is! If you pay for Elite...

Majin-vegeta2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Still not free cuz you payed for elite to get it he means without having to pay a single cent.

-Alpha2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

I know, that was the joke -_-

GrumpyVeteran2974d ago ShowReplies(1)
SephirothX212974d ago

I didn't buy the last two CoD games. I simply am fed up with it and don't like its online because there's no tactics or teamwork. I prefer Battlefield 3. However, I understand that many people love CoD and for the amount of time they spend playing it every year, they get their money's worth from buying each year's iteration. Though what I can't stand is when people bash CoD in online and then will go out and buy it year after year. If you bought MW3 this year and don't like it, well it serves you right as you knew what you were going to get! So stop whining and don't buy the next one.


I think to be honest many of us just love Cod4 and it's that love of Cod4 and the hope/wishful thinking that maybe, just maybe... they will actually make the next game as good as cod4 was.

I think it is finally starting to sink in that if we keep buying the crap, well it's only getting worse, not better.

MW2 was a letdown we just weren't expecting. Blackops was crap but we wrote that off as being from Trifarts so expect poo.

MW3, the dev's specifically said they were going for the Cod4 feel to it. That got peoples hopes up. The game is nothing like cod4 and is more like a cross of blackops and mw2 or a blackops sequel.

There is the old fool me once and fool me twice. I know people say oh it's just the same game since Cod4. In my opinion it's not, it's much much worse! and it just gets worse with each game.

JeffGUNZ2974d ago

@ Dark

I respectfully disagree. I think this COD is what the COD4 sequel really should have been. MW2 was unbalanced, awful perk arrangements, and overpowered killstreaks. I have come to terms that no FPS this generation will move me like COD4 did. With that in mind, I am very satisfied with MW3. I'll list a few examples of why I think it's the best COD since COD4.

1. Stopping Power removed: I know, they did this with black ops and I loved it. So, I am so happy they did it with this game. Stopping power was such a BS perk, that you almost ALWAYS had to waste a perk slot to be on the same level as everyone else using it. By removing this perk, it's opens up new styles of play and experimentation to find the best perk layout for ones play style.

2. Balanced Killstreaks: About time. MW2 was awful at this. Simple things like moving the pavelow back 3-4 kills to make it harder to achieve has opened up the game. In MW2, continuous air support ruined the game. A majority of the game their were air-support like pavelows, AC130, Chopper Gunner, etc. This ruined the game for me. I rarely run into this issue. Any airsport called in doesnt result into an instant kill and as long as you pack a launcher, you can clear the skies with ease. So I don agree with IW that the fact they did this with the killstreaks has brought it back to a COD4 feel where it's more thought on gunning down enemies then hiding in cover avoiding killstreaks in the air.

3. Weapons: I truly believe this game has the best weapon election yet. I have yet to use a gun I disliked. I don't feel like any are overpowered (primary weaopns, I know those machine pistol-FMG's are slightly overpowered) and you can really compete with any weapon. MW2 I stuck with about 3-4 weapons and in MW3 I keep switching to all the weapons because they each have great and effective traits.

4. Maps: It launched with 16 maps. Sure, some are less desirable then others, but 16 maps is amazing for a launch game. The maps are not as hectic as MW2. By that I mean MW2 focused a lot on bi-levels and what not, and this game seems to have more of a COD4 where bi-levels are controlled and the maps are more designed for gun on gun combat.

To each their own, but I truly think this is the best one since COD4. No COD will touch COD4, once more people come to terms with this I think they will actually start enjoying the game for what it is.

DARK WITNESS2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

@ JeffGUNZ

most of the good points you bring I actually agree with in terms of them being improvements over MW2 and Blackops.

the only exception is the maps. Personally I feel the maps are the worst (with the exception of blackops). Personally I find the maps a lot more hectic then any in MW2. when you say they are designed for gun on gun play, In cod4 and mw2 you had some really good sort of long to mid range gun battles on some of the maps. In mw3 it feels it's pushed a lot more towards run and spray up close type of shooting. MW3's maps feel a lot more coridoor shooter and those people who are not spraying tend to be lying down prone camping cos thats the only other way to get kills. There is no map suitable for real sniping (unless you count quick scoping as real sniping) I mean snipers are pointless.

changes to the perks and all that, ya good choice. On the issue of air support, I don't think you see lots of air support not because of the textra one or two kills it takes but because of the spawn system. I mean you kill a guy only for him to spawn right behind you and kill you straight away. I suppose it's one way of making sure people don't dominate the maps but it just feels cheap to me.

put it this way, if MW3 really did play like cod4 or mw2 but you still had the same kill streaks then I am sure you would see no difference. I know from my own play time that if I was playing MW2 or cod4 I would not have had any problem pulling out ac130 and pavlows even if they required a higher kill streak.

The two things that really kill it for me are the bullet lag and stupid spawn system. I just can't take the game serious if I know I have fired 3 rounds at a guy only to get hit by what feels like one bullet. Watch his killcam and I have not even fired a single shot.

As one of my friends put it; You just can't take the game serously anymore. it's for kids who just want to run and spray or camp.

I can still get high kills if I want, but in the end it just means run and spray like and it just makes me feel like a noob.

anyway, to each his own as you say. I think if the bullet lag and hit detection were better, the spawns were better and quick scoping was taken out then it really would be the next best thing to cod4. If the maps were on the same sort of design level as cod4 then it could very well be equal.

At the hight of my cod4 playtime I was ranked about 2000th in the world, not amazing but I felt it was not bad out of a couple of million people. My kd was 2.65. I have mad love for cod4 and I really just want something that's on the same level and personally I don't feel that MW3 is at all yet.

InFAMOUS12973d ago

Black Ops has some connection issues but it was easily the most balanced CoD to date... If they just ironed out the network issues it would (to me) have been the most overall complete CoD to date...

CoD 4 will always be CoD4.. It is what strated this generation into the FPS frenzy that it's in and has given rise to a whole new generation of online gamers... Beyond that, the game has some serious flaws, and with what I have seen and heard about MW3, they appeared to have brought plenty of those issues back.. Which to me is ass-backwards... Oh well, I didn't shell out any cash or this game, as BF3 and UC3 sucked me in this season...

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