Trolling Battlefield 3 Players with Some Well-Placed Explosives

There are plenty of videos out there showing just how "creative" Battlefield 3 players have gotten with the game's many explosives.

This particular video shows what lengths some people will go to do make a kill with an explosion... or a falling tower.

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r212971d ago

awesomely funny XD i gotta find more of these kinds of vids!

r212970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

these vids you gave me didnt make me :3
they made me XD
i freaking loved operation douchebag :D
gracias for these links dude!

BraveToaster2971d ago

That video could have been good. It was trying way too hard to be funny. I couldn't even get through the whole thing.

Hicken2970d ago

I agree. I wanted to laugh. The material seemed genuinely funny. But adding the sound effects and troll faces and random quotes just took me out of it. I quit 46 seconds in.

UltimateSin2970d ago

Pushes the dude off the crane with a MAV, so sweet.

BIG-JOH2970d ago

I want to see one with MW3, but BF3 has far more ways to troll :)