Third Party Titles Now Including Club Nintendo Points

Club Nintendo points, previously reserved for first party Nintendo-published games, are now being included on select third party titles in North America. Both WWE All-Stars and Sonic Generations (published by THQ and Sega respectively) for Nintendo 3DS include codes that are redeemable for 30 Club Nintendo points.

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Optical_Matrix2971d ago

Taled of Abyss also comes with Club Nintendo points.

DarkBlood2971d ago

nice more increased points for me since most games i buy ends up being third party made not enough first party games to get good amount of points

Bimkoblerutso2971d ago

Wonderful! Now I can afford that fancy remote holder that will really feng shui my room. And who knows, maybe I'll splurge and get those wonderful Mario shoe-laces that I'm sure no one will laugh at me for wearing.