Skyrim Patch 1.2 Going Live Tonight for Xbox 360, Tomorrow for PC

Pete Hines confirms the Xbox 360 patch will be released at midnight tonight.

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fluffydelusions2971d ago

Wish they'd patch in a proper menu system for PC =\

caboose322971d ago

We will just have to wait for the players to do that for us, unfortunately.

dark-hollow2971d ago

i just want the hotkyes back!
i dont want to scroll through a wall of text to reach the thing that i want to use!!!

IaMs122971d ago

you can... In the favorites menu select what you want then hit a number 1-9 to hotkey it.

caboose322971d ago

Yea, what IaMs12 said.

It's still not an ideal hotkey system, but it's SOOO much better then scrolling through the menu everytime.

DarkBlade46582971d ago

Glad to see they got around to fixing the textures.

SuperSaiyan42971d ago

I have put in over 150hrs across 2 saves, 1 save has around 143hrs the second a purely thieves guild save around 13.5hrs and despite the bugs, glitches and lock ups I still enjoyed the game so much so that I have 100% all achievements ;-)

Clayman2971d ago

You do have more than one save file for each character right? Wouldn't want that 143 hour save file to go corrupt on us now would we?

Scizz2971d ago

I'm could care less about this update because I doesn't fix the fact that I can't join the thieves guild on my 90+ hour save.

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