The Man Behind Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and The Last Guardian

1UP: In late 2009, I told a coworker about an appointment with Team Ico director Fumito Ueda at the Tokyo Game Show. We joked about Ueda's short interview replies, and how it'd be an accomplishment to get him to vent or ramble. In my head, I was building an easy narrative about how Ueda speaks in interviews the same way he designs games, given his minimalist stories and "design by subtraction" philosophy.

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DonaldBeck2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

shadow of the colossus is more than a game,its a form of art in the form of media entertainment. its a painting that you can play. if there is any example in the world if videogames can be art, this game is it.

jthamind2978d ago

i agree with you. also, the great thing is that they didn't have to sacrifice gameplay to make it a work of art. so not only can you take a step back and marvel at the artistic brilliance of it, but you can have a blast while playing it too.

rezzah2978d ago

Well anything can be an art, to refer to something as art because it evokes emotions alone really isn't a reason to call it art over other things.

besides anything can evoke emotions in anyone because it is based on perception of the individual. This makes anything a possible form of art.

In the eyes of the beholder.

tieryas2978d ago

great article, wow, really informative and just all-around inspiring reading about the man behind these amazing games.

Hicken2978d ago

Fumito Ueda is a visionary, as are the teams he puts together. He was my ATLUS before I knew of ATLUS: I love everything they touch.

ShaunCameron2978d ago

So, when is The Last Guardian coming out? I need to make more use of my Ps3 in the near future.

The Great Melon2978d ago

Wow, I am only half way through reading, but I am really enjoying this. Nice to see some quality information pop up on N4G every now and then.