GameStooge: Is The Vita Already D.O.A.? [Editorial Reply]

GamePro is catching a fair amount of heat for their new editorial claiming that the upcoming Playstation Portable Vita has “already been killed” by Sony. As Jordan Lund happens to be GameStooge’s resident PSP enthusiast, he addresses some of the perceived issues.

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MultiConsoleGamer2979d ago

Its nice to see an article that clears up some of the misconceptions surrounding the PS Vita, and one that isn't filled with doom and gloom.

Also you're right about battery life. And your estimates seem to be close to the industry standard for portable devices within a certain class. (So iPhone, 3DS, Vita all have a similar battery life.)

JellyJelly2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

I'm glad to hear that the pricing of games and accessories, and having to re-buy the games you already own on UMD, was just a misconception.

TheFirstClassic2979d ago

We don't know the price of what umd games to Vita will be, so we can't complain just yet. If it is only a couple of bucks, it would be worth it because they are giving many psp games the dual analog treatment.

jordanlund2979d ago

It's pretty simple:

If you already have a bunch of PSP games you don't need backwards compatibility because you already have a PSP.

If you don't already own a PSP because nothing in the last 6 years convinced you to buy one then you still don't need backwards compatibility because the games don't interest you.

Pricing on the accessories was also addressed in the article, if you had bothered to read it.

danhese0072979d ago

Whats stupid is you believing you are entitled to a free digital copy of a game just because you bought a physical copy. I mean seriously, do you get a free digital copy now for PSP because you bought a UMD or do you get a free digital copy of PS3, 360, Wii heck a free digital PS2 game just because you bought a hard copy. Get a clue man, it is a non issue and a misconception in some people's minds.

Official price of games listed in every retailer is $40, same price as a PSP and a 3DS game.

THC CELL2979d ago

The vita will be future proof for any gaming phone

Vita is for dedicated gaming.