Battlefield 3 Javelin Tips

Battlefield 3 Online Gameplay on multiplayer featuring educational commentary. This is a tutorial on the Javelin. I give you tips and show you different uses and ways to fire this armor penetrating guided missile.

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xstreetsweeperx2973d ago

I really didn't know that Battlefield 3 even had a javelin.

ThatIrishGamer2973d ago

Scmeh . . .tanks still need 4 Javelins. The launchers in this game are pish.

malol2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

they like nerfed rocket launchers and vehicle sometime feel solid as ROCKS !!!

like you need 3 hits to kill a jet and they already have flares
i mean WTF i cant even HIT the damn thing and even if i did like nothing happens !!!!

what they need to do is
nerf the flares on flying vehicles in general
a small buff to rocket launchers
nerf that LAV
i mean FFS that's like a fortress on wheels
LOTS AND LOTS of HP and armor and even worse they spawn out of it
and keep repairing it
its SO op its not even funny

and that's about it
then they game would be just perfect

SITH2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

The narrator in the video just told and showed you what to do to minimize the javelins needed on tanks. Even in real life tanks are more armored from the front and weaker on top and the rear. It is the same in this game. I killed plenty of tanks with the javelin fired from onboard helicopters and using the flip up shot method depicted in the video. Skill kills in bf3.

As a heavy armor mechanized user, I can tell you most people get killed using the javelin because they try to fire on me right in front of me as if I won't attack. A proper top down attack masks the origin of the missile and makes it hard for me to return fire. Even with the smoke trail which real javelins don't emit. And I have no idea what the narrator is talking about in reference to the SOFLAM. That thing works when used with a organized team. Just yet again don't point it at tanks that are looking right at you. And it allows you to target aircraft with a javelin which is very difficult to defeat if you maintain the laser on target.

cyborg69712973d ago

No it takes three from the back. Or you just suck. I think butthurt.

tsn2973d ago

Dont need Javelin 2 engys chasing tanks with Shaws is plenty enough.

Hufandpuf2973d ago

One man vs Tank. Tank should always win. Team Vs Tank, Team (If not dumb) should win.