AMD Radeon HD 7000 presentation on December 5th

AMD is reportedly preparing a media event next Monday, December 5th, to present their next-gen 28nm GPUs - to be branded Radeon HD 7000 series. While this is not going to be a release day, more information about the much anticipated HD 7000 is expected to finally be presented to the media.

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NYC_Gamer2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

i just hope these cards have better driver support

Marcus Fenix2973d ago

sure as hell they better do, along with less noise coz the 6990 sounds like a mini airport.

AKS2973d ago

The stock fan noise bothers me. I recommend to friends that they try to find AMD cards that use a different type of fan, such as HIS' IceQ system.

BiggCMan2973d ago

I hope in a few years that they get smaller, with even better technology. They seem to be going backwards with the rest of technology with how big they are getting.

AKS2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Seriously. I've bought 3 straight games that had no Crossfire support/ negative scaling, RAGE, Skyrim, and Arkham City.

This is ridiculous, as my 2 6950s have the graphical beast Battlefield 3 absolutely singing with Ultra settings near max (AA is still a bit wonky; I decided to go with Catalyst's MLAA instead, which keeps it running very smoothly). Luckily, the 3 games I mentioned that are limited to a single GPU can still run quite well on a single 6950, but why did I invest in a dual GPU setup if I can't use the power?

The 6950 and 6970 cards themselves are incredible pieces of hardware, especially in Crossfire. I've seen around 100% scaling in some games (for example, AvP, Dirt 3, BC2), which I didn't think I'd ever see given how much weaker scaling used to be. I love what these cards can do, especially for the price. The problem is getting the damn things to work with recent releases.

I'd like to see AMD stop blowing their resources trying to compete with Intel's high end CPUs and concentrate on making and supporting what they really do well, GPUs and lower end CPUs (nothing wrong with that; not every CPU needs to be expensive or powerful enough for gaming).

awi59512973d ago


do you ever go to

I never have a problem finding drivers for my cards.

AKS2973d ago

I know where to find the drivers. They are up to date. Has taken their sweet time in releasing drivers for current games.

Lately, I've had major problems with new games because the drivers are inadequate.

awi59512973d ago

Well you should check the forums something is wrong. Do you have a bad power source or have Ai turned off or something.

AKS2973d ago

Bad power source? I have a Corsair AX1200 PSU. 80 Plus Gold certified. I think that should cover any gaming needs.

There's nothing wrong my my PC. They need to improve their drivers so they can run these games in Crossfire properly.

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ATi_Elite2973d ago

well now we are getting down to 28nm GPU's.

Cooler, quieter, and more energy efficient while producing MORE power. XDR2 Vram sounds very sexy and doubles the bandwidth of GDDR5.

I may stick a low end model into my HTPC but the HD7000 series will drop the prices on the HD6000 and GTX500 series and those are some great cards to get on the cheap.

I can't wait to see HD7000 tessellation and Ray Tracing benchmarks. Ray Tracing is looking to be awesome for Next Gen gaming.

awi59512973d ago

Yeah i have 3 cards in my rig i hope the 7000 series is good enough to replace my 3 cards.

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kaveti66162973d ago

AMD just quit the desktop CPU market to focus on ARM. I wonder if and how this will affect their GPU line.

NYC_Gamer2973d ago

they were way behind intel.but that sucks because there is no competition and prices for ivy bridge might be high as fuck.

AKS2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Well, AMD should at least stop trying to compete with Intel's Sandy/Ivy Bridge CPUs. It just isn't working out for them.

Motorola2973d ago

The AMD low end cards are pretty good for their prices. But yeah but their drivers are problematic most of the time. Their Rage driver killed performance in all my other games.

Moragami2973d ago

Weird, I've used 11.9. 11.10. 11.10a, 11.11, and 11.11a, with no problems in any games. Single GPU, of course.