Xbox 360 Sells Almost 1 Million, Has Biggest Sales Week in History

Xbox 360 has sold 960,000 units in the U.S. during Black Friday week, Microsoft announced today. That makes it the biggest sales week in the history of Xbox.

Microsoft noted that 800,000 of those units were sold within a period of 24 hours. Additionally, over 750,000 Kinect sensors were sold during the Black Friday week (combination of standalone and bundled).

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Dante1122976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Congrats, Wii sold good too (over 500,000). I wonder how many the PS3 sold since it was supposedly the number one choice item according to PriceGrabber? November's lookin good.

Edit: @ Wikkid

That's funny.

Wikkid6662976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

You didn't read the article. Wasn't number 1. Was 1 search through mobile apps not sales.


Like I said you didn't read. Read the real link in the article.

"Top 10 most popular Black Friday products visited on PriceGrabber's mobile website and applications on Black Friday 2011 (iPhone®, Android™, and iPad®)"

Focus2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Was just thinking about that article.
Turns out I was right and that ONE store does not equal an entire country.
This is why X360 is still ahead of PS3 after all these years, strong grip on the American market. This is why PS3 will yet again have to wait until the following year to overtake 360 in worldwide sales.

darthv722976d ago

sales like that show people are willing to spend money in this economy.

You figure those that held off getting a 360/ps3 in favor of the wii the last few years are starting to buy into the real next gen games.

It's a festivus miracle.

The Killer2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

who gives a crap who takes over who? its already in the end of this generation cycle!!

who ever wins this battle between ps3 and 360 will not make a big gap difference! its too late to make it now anyway. it is very possible that ps3 over takes 360 with few millions when ps4 and 720 comes out, but will that make any real touchable difference in games or exclusives? i doubt so.

ps3 is already better in hardware and software (exclusives which counts the most) while 360 has some edge in online gaming but not for free.

so enjoy kids and enough of this already!

we have been talking for many years that ps3 will overtake 360 in 2008, then 2009 then 2010.

thank God am not a fanboy anymore.

AngryTypingGuy2976d ago

The end of this generation cycle? Maybe I've been living under a rock but I don't recall hearing the release date of the PS4 and the Xbox 720.

EVILDEAD3602975d ago

We all knew it would be big but the Best sales week in History? Wow

So much for all Kinect is not selling fake theories of late.

In fact with 100 dollar Kinect bundles and $50 dollar Moves I expect both motion control peripheral to do it big this year.

November NPD is going to be monstrous for all.

And to think the holidays have just begun


yesmynameissumo2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Yes EvilDead, ignore the all the months prior to BLACK FRIDAY. Those stories haaaad to be fake. Jesus Christ...

That said, all should have a pretty tremendous holiday. 1M 360s sold is an uber impressive feat.

EVILDEAD3602975d ago

'Yes EvilDead, ignore the all the months prior to BLACK FRIDAY. Those stories haaaad to be fake. Jesus Christ...'

Interesting how some people get emotional over comments clearly not directed at them.

In this case, I'm calling it exactly how it was. Industrygames claimed Kinect wasnt selling strictly because there were no more major sales announcements.

Which was silly because just like I've been saying all along, Kinect made up a good portion of the bundles sold and is one of the main reasons the 360 enjoyed good sales throughout the year.

One year later, they have their biggest week in the history of the console. The 360 sold 960,000 and just like I've said all along Kinect bundles and stand alone made up 750,000.

The 360 did 6 million plus through September and if you just look at the Kinect bundle trend of selling upwards of 2 thirds of total 360 sales then you realize it sold the entire year.

But, proof is in the pudding..the numbers will come out soon enough.


yesmynameissumo2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

You obviously have no idea what emotional is. I do enjoy your walls of text. It makes the long-winded bullshit you write easy to ignore. You're using BF sales to try to erase the 7, 8, 9 months of very little Kinect sales leading up to BF. Of course $99 Kinects with 3 games were going to sell. Like Wiis, PS3, and damn near everything else that sold on BF. Great numbers, of course, but acting like IndustryGamers is full of shit because of their claim PRIOR to BF solidifies your opinion being one of bias and old fashioned ignorance.

No one said it didn't sell. They said a bulk of their sales came in the first 2 months (including the holiday) and tapered off. And look, sales are high again...during another holiday. Ubisoft appears to be right.


humbleopinion2975d ago

@yesmynameissumo you still ignore the fact that the previous industrygamer claim was based on the wrong information: they quoted a ubisoft executive who mistook the 10 mil kinect sold as a September figure where infact this was the number in March.

Truth is, none of us know how many Kinects were sold since then because MS never published any numbers. No point discussing how good/bad sales were until we know that, but EVILDEAD360 is right to point that the "doomed kinect" headlines were just debunked.

Gam3rSinceBiRTH2975d ago

EvilDead360, first of all stay away from that website. It's just another website run by idiots spewing lies.

Here is the question that I do have.... Kinect counts as 1 while Sony's MOVE counts multiple parts, right? You need at least 5 parts to have 2 players for Move, right? So unless I'm mistaken, that makes Kinect sales VERY IMPRESSIVE compared to Move. If this is true than Kinect is really destroying Move. I really can't see Sony trying to figure out the sales of Move any other way than count each piece sold.

That website you mentioned is complete garbage.

ApplEaglElephant2975d ago

cry and scream that it is "shipped" number when Sony announced sold sales.

and when MS does it, they just forget to mention it. LOL

Kurt Russell2975d ago

I wonder how many of those 960,000 belong to racist, homophobic 12 year old fathers?.. Looking forward to contending with them :/

EVILDEAD3602975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

@ yesimo or anyone else

'Great numbers, of course, but acting like IndustryGamers is full of shit because of their claim PRIOR to BF solidifies your opinion being one of bias and old fashioned ignorance.'

LMAO @ the facts actually solidifying that you still can't post a word without taking off your fankiddie goggles.

Look I say this all the time, I keep it 100% real. I own every system, why waste your breathe going the fan kid route just to spout lies on the internet. This isn't bashing Sony, like Yesimo and others fighting the fake console war want to take it as.

I will again present the FACTS, and the thought process behind my current opinion of them and if ANYONE wants to dispute them..please feel free.

The claim out there and recently from the Ubisoft rep is that Kinect sold 8 million in two months and only sold 2 million more the rest of year. The Ubisoft rep was characterized these sales as 'unhealthy'

My entire point revolves around 2 points..

1. The Ubisoft's #'s are incorrect at best.based on Micrsoft's reports and total 360 sales through September.

2. Kinect is selling exactly like ANY piece of hardware out there (including the 360 itself). Anyone who follows retail software/hardware sales in ANY gen knows that sales are the highest during the holiday months and are siginficantly lower the rest of the year. So to single out Kinect sales as 'unhealthy' is like claiming the 360, Wii, and PS3 sales are 'unhealthy' as well.

Proof #1

Micrsoft announced 8 million for the first two months (November and January).

In March, they announced that Kinect shipped 10 million.

They havent made another announcement since.

Nintendo reported that the 360 sold 6 million+ from January to Sep. The last reported trend had Kinect/360 bundles making up two thirds of total 360 sales (this does not include the stand-alone model)

So the claim is Kinect didn't sell in the bext 10 months since the 8 million announcement. Meaning Feb through December. You read it right..the Ubisoft rep has claimed (3 days before BF) that Kinect will only sell 2 million from Feb to Dec 2012.

Does ANYONE understand why this makes no sense?

Proof #2

Are Kinect sales any different from normal hardware sales? I say no..but here is the 360 hardware NPD sales from 2010 till now and you tell me if I'm wrong

Jul-Sep 10 (2.8m)
Oct-Dec 10 (6.3m) HUGE JUMP for the holiday
Jan-Mar 11 (2.7m)
Apr-Jun `` (1.7m)

Same trend? Looks the same to me..

This is my take..again someone feel free to express why they should be interpreted any other way


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gamingdroid2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

In one weekend and with all the competition going on right now?

Seriously, that is f'in crazy!

LOGICWINS2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Yeah, thats HUGE! Unbelievable how far the 360 has come. Good job by Microsoft and great competition for Sony.

kreate2976d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

ya man. 138 dollar for a xbox360 ... cant beat that.

EDIT:comparatively ... wii was 99 and ps3 was 199 this blackfriday weekend.

gamingdroid2975d ago

PS3 has Blu-Ray, hard-drive, free online and exclusives. What's your point?

It's each company's competitive edge.

Despite that, the Wii with it's lower price and cheaper games didn't deliver almost a million unit sales.... Sounds like to me that MS hit the sweet point between pricing and value.

kreate2975d ago

just saying man. relax.

xbox 360 for 138 ... i'd pepper spray some ppl too =)

_Aarix_2975d ago has a hard drive and exclusives too.

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Paradicia2976d ago

"Sony’s PlayStation 3 Was Shoppers’ Number One Choice Over Black Friday"

gotgame19852976d ago

thats just amazon thats not every where else

OC_MurphysLaw2976d ago

Amazon certainly is a huge retailer ....however, I think a majority of shoppers look to Amazon for Cyber Monday and not Black Friday. That said, its a good indication for Sony that the PS3 did really well too.

dark-hollow2976d ago

amazon doesnt equal teh usa

mynd2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Learn to read.

Price grabebrs actual list:
Most popular products
1. Canon® EOS Rebel T2i Black SLR Digital Camera Kit
2. Acer® Aspire One 531h-1729 Black Netbook
3. Canon® EOS Rebel T1i Black SLR Digital Camera Kit
4. Nintendo® White Wii™ Console with Wii Sports Resort
5. Samsung® LN32C350 32" LCD TV
6. Samsung® UN55C8000 55" 3D LED TV
7. Microsoft Xbox 360® 250GB Console with Kinect
8. Apple® iPod Touch® 4th Generation 32GB Black
9. HP (Hewlett-Packard) Mini 110-1144NR Netbook
10. Canon® EOS Rebel T2i Digital SLR Camera
11. Garmin® nuvi® 1490LMT Automobile Portable Navigator

The article you are referirng to is about searches on mobile apps.

papashango2975d ago

actually I would argue that wal-mart represents the majority of the US when it comes to console sales.

video games I'm unsure of.

Biggest2975d ago

Amazon was definitely a big player during Black Friday. If you stood in a line with the pepper spray crowd I feel bad for you. I sat near my PC and bought the same junk they were fighting for at the same exact price (with free shipping) from Amazon.

Paradicia2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Lol @ everyone who thought I was being serious..

I'm not even from the states, and yet people got up and arms because of a 'troll face' clearly aimed at the circle jerk over that headline last week.

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SilentNegotiator2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Lots of unbelievable ignorance in this comment section.

'This really widens the sales gap!' - The sales of the ps3 haven't even been announced. How could you know that?

'Kinect is whopping Move!' - Uhhh, the exact same thing as above.

"A.Exclusives are only a fanboys argument" - More like a gamers arguement. A gamer would rather have the choice of exclusives AND multiplats. A fanboy would justify having less exclusives.

"B.Microsoft has done a heck of a job, this is without a price drop announcement" - Black Friday is all about price reductions. And it's announced by several retailers trying to outdo each other. It's EXACTLY like a temp. price reduction.

Edgeofglory2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Look at those disagrees for stating truth, nobody knows what ps3 numbers are , site is totally over run by 360 fans, totally off putting.

No doubt if ps3 numbers are higher the story will be reported n positive ps3 comments removed, After the comments ere ps3 fans have every right to fight bk, most xbox fans are silly kids so i can understand.

gamingdroid2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Actually, gamers care about "GAMES THEY LIKE" not necessarily the sheer number of it or even the quality based on critics score.

For some, being able to get Super Mario or Zelda on Wii means far more than gazillion "extra and unwanted" exclusives on the PS3.

Point being not everyone care about "more" exclusives, as opposed to specific exclusives.

That said, extra exclusives I don't or might play is always nice.

Bottom line, I play what I enjoy and I don't care what others say or think. That's why I don't mind enjoying Wii Sports, Mario Party, Kinect Sports, Fruit Ninja Kinect or even Angry Bird on my phone every now and then.

Wintersun6162975d ago


Mario and Nintendo are one of the most popular franchises today, but that doesn't mean that everything exclusive to PS3 is "extra and unwanted" for everyone. Maybe that is the case for you, but your choice of words and talking in plural seems like you think you're talking on behalf of other people too. News flash, you're not.

gnb20032975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Wintersun, I think you are missing gamingdroids point. In fact, you are only proving his point - not everyone is enamored with exclusives. This goes for every console. So, to use that as a point of why console A is better than console B isn't a convincing argument.

And to all those that have backed a specific console for whatever reason, this applies to everyone. You can't say Nintendo is the best because of Mario + Zelda as there are many people that just don't prefer those games. Same goes for Gears + Halo on the 360 and Uncharted + GOW on the PS3.

gamindroid was refering to extra and unwanted only for those specific people. Obviously not for everyone.

Wintersun6162975d ago

What comes to those specific exclusives. Of course there are people who prefer certain exclusives over other exclusives, I never denied that. But the thing is, saying that exclusives don't matter is ridiculous. Exclusives do matter, but which lineup of exclusive games is best is a subjective matter and thus no lineup of exclusive games can be said to be universaly the best.

I actually agree with both you and gamingdroid, it was just the way how he formed his sentences that caught my eye.

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monkeybizz2975d ago

After a years head start i would expect the difference to be greater.
Ah well , i don't have shares so it does not impact me.
Bother sets of number means one thing, plenty of future games!
Infinite, ME3, Asuras Wrath, GTA5, Max Payne 3, Last Guardian, Darkness 2, Ni No Kuni, Inversion, Binary Domian, Syndicate, Xcom, FF 13-2!
Cant wait for 2012 and i still have games to complete from Q4-2011!

Bigpappy2975d ago

If you want the difference to be higher, just ignore Japan. That is where PS3 has made a killing and 360 does not exsist.

monkeybizz2975d ago

Why ignore Japan when we are discussing world wide sales?

morkendo2975d ago

Xbox 360 has sold 960,000 units in the U.S. during Black Friday week, Microsoft announced today. That makes it the biggest sales week in the history of XBOX

i was just saying the other day this will appear as a article after ps3 big sales article and damn-it here it is.

xtremeimport2975d ago

i dont love or hate the xbox *i do hate Kinect/motion* but this is pretty impressive. I wonder how many of those were 4gb units.

Micro_Sony2975d ago

The power of Call of Duty compels you.

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Dark3602976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Congratulations Microsoft...

Xbox 360 sold more than 960,000 consoles in the U.S. alone, of which more than 800,000 were sold within a period of 24 hours – the biggest week of sales in Xbox history.

More than 750,000 Kinect for Xbox 360 sensors were sold in the U.S. – standalone and bundled.

Kur02976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

a lot of soccer moms and 10 year old CoD fanboys buying 4gb 360 is soooooo impressive.

aviator1892976d ago

Sales are sales, Kur0.
Does it really matter who buys it?

evilunklebud2975d ago

Yo bro, chill... The war is over.

Both won.

Game on.

SDF Repellent2975d ago

I thought the Kinect stop selling at 10 million in March, according to some.

videoxgamexfanboy2975d ago

a cod fan or soccoer mom's money is as good as yours...

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Optical_Matrix2976d ago

Lol fucking hell thats nuts.

donniebaseball2976d ago

I'm continually impressed by how incredibly well Xbox 360 is selling. I think Kinect is bringing in casuals, but then you have tons of hardcore playing Gears 3, Halo Anniversary, and of course Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim.

Frankfurt2976d ago

The casual excuse doesn't fly. It was selling like crazy from E3 2010 on, before Kinect.

Intentions2976d ago

The excuse for RROD is irrelevant as well.

But anyways; wow congrats MS!

Perjoss2976d ago

Makes you wonder how much better it would have sold overall if the original consoles were not faulty. None of the newer shape versions have the RRoD problem (from the release of the slim onwards) so well done MS.

GuyManDude2976d ago

"None of the newer shape versions have the RRoD problem"

If by that you mean it's now a Red Dot of Death, then you're correct. If however you meant that they do not/cannot die from RROD/RDOD then you're mistaken and/or in denial.

They can still die just like before. Less likely sure, but they can still die.

gotgame19852976d ago

stop flame baiting and just give props were props is do without a negative comment.

Edgeofglory2976d ago

@perjoss come on man take those fanboy goggles off, u know full well the new xbox models instead get Red dot of death.

GearsOfWar2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )


If you would take your fanboy goggles off, you'd realize that the "Red Dot of Death" is actually a prevention system to stop the console from overheating.

How is that bad?

Here, educate yourself:

Edgeofglory2976d ago

@gearsofwar that's different to when the console actually stops working for good. Take ur fanboy goggles off and educate yourself , lol new xbox's never fail ....really??? FAIL

GearsOfWar2975d ago


Look, I can see you're not too bright, so I'll explain this in a simple way.

Your Quote: "@perjoss come on man take those fanboy goggles off, u know full well the new xbox models instead get Red dot of death."

RROD, or Red Rings of Death, is not the same as the Red Dot of Death. There is a huge difference and you're trying to say they're basically the same thing.

So let me get this straight. You want ME to educate myself on something I already know and pointed out to you? That doesn't make sense.

I didn't say the new 360's never fail. I don't know what hat you pulled that one from but if you want to point out where I said that, go right ahead.

Any person with common sense knows that ALL electronics have failures.

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AmaZinG2976d ago

WTF those numbers are fucking crazy this world is crazy

donniebaseball2976d ago

It's like double the Wii numbers and who knows, maybe triple the PS3 numbers. Sony didn't give out numbers, but they never do when they come in last place. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony's numbers were like 300,000 something.

kaveti66162976d ago

No way, not less than Wii.

gotgame19852976d ago

you know there numbers are going to be lower because these are just the american sales, but i don't think it will be that low. I will give them about 400,000 or more, but i don't think they are no were near 360 numbers.

Papertiger2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

And comment like these are why I think your website is trash James Brightman.

Nodoze2975d ago

Wow that Walmart $50 credit worked for Microsoft. Without it, these numbers would not be where they are.