‘Cheating’ Should Be Part Of All Games

There’s a feeling in the gaming community that corner cutting measures integrated into a video game’s design somehow deter from a gamers’ overall experience.

Save points, extra lives and rewinding time, only weak games utilize features like that. In reality, some of these 'cheats' actually make games more fun for time strapped gamers.

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pat_11_52971d ago

I guess what I'm discussing isn't really cheating in the traditional sense, just optional ways to make a video game more accessible and fun.

I know a lot of people are going to disagree with this story though. I get that a lot of games still need to appeal to the hardcore crowd. That's why I feel these 'cheat's should be optional.

Max Power2971d ago ShowReplies(3)
Max Power2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

I suppose gone are the days where commenting on your own submission/article was frowned upon...oh well I guess times are a changing for this ol' timer, and I'll play nice now.

pat_11_52971d ago

I don't really see why it's an issue, I'm creating discussion and throwing some thoughts out there...

Where as your post was completely off topic and not related to the topic of the story at all.

StayStatic2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Remember using the game genie on my mega drive and entering the codes for mortal combat when i was like 5 xD , was awesome at the time :D

pat_11_52970d ago

I've never actually owned a game genie. I had a game shark way back when for the N64. It was actually pretty fun.

ACBAA2971d ago

the article writer is obviously a cheater

s3arch2971d ago

Cheating shouldn't be allowed, why should a bunch of cowboys who mod the game - Be allowed to play with legit players, they shouldn't simple as. Ban them all, but on the other hand for single player or maybe LAN games etc maybe allow it but not online and when it is competitive, it just feels like my Xbox 360 is a waste of money with all these cowboys buying rapid fire controllers, GET some skill and maybe people won't dislike you.

Thanks very much though for an interesting suggestion but seriously not happening.

pangitkqb2970d ago

Your comment doesn't really apply to the article. The cheating he ia discussing is pretty unanimously regarding single player gaming only.its an interesting point I have seen on here before.

Read...THEN comment.

LightofDarkness2971d ago

With some games they can certainly extend their longevity. I know many who just armour and weapon up to go on a killing spree in GTA without having to do a whole bunch of stuff or waste all their game money just to engage in some brief, cathartic mayhem.

Not a lot of games these days need them, though. They're all pretty accessible.

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