Want better graphics in Battlefield3? Try FXAA Injector and witness some of the best PC visuals ever

DSOGaming writes: "We've seen in the past FXAA Injector in action with Bethesda's RPG but did you know that you can get it working in Battlefield 3? Not only that, but the end result can be pretty amazing. Contrary to the in-game FXAA method, this custom one includes a sharpening filter that helps with the overall image quality. Moreover, players can adjust the colors and make no mistake guys, saturation and contrast can make a big difference to the game's visuals. Oh, and get this right; FXAA Injector doesn't introduce any additional performance hit and removes that annoying HDR effect that most PC gamers were complaining about."

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CloseSecond3144d ago

After playing through the game on PS3 I can't understand how anyone could rate the graphics any higher than 7/10 and that's for single player.

The visuals make it a completely different game on PC.

Hufandpuf3144d ago

I'm just glad I can play the game on my 360. They aren't bad at all but I hate when people compare them to the PC and say "Why can't it be like that" when in reality the graphics on console look better than almost every FPS.

Jayjayff3144d ago

They look good, no doubt. Better than almost every FPS in consoles ? i will have to disagree their very inconsistent, there is pop ops textures takes a while to load and the smoke looks awful but I'm ps3 gamer so it might differ.All in all it's a brilliant game, Super excited for Back to Karkand though and it's free! (at least for us folks with unlimited edition)

Hufandpuf3144d ago

notice how i said ALMOST. That would mean they are not crap.

Jayjayff3144d ago

Well that was my point, it doesn't look better tan almost every FPS, heck Bad Company series looks better.

meetajhu3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Don't use this hook. The game already supports FXAA which calls itself as "Post Processing AA" and MSAA for Full scene AA. He is just making textures more sharp which ain't good.

Hufandpuf3144d ago

Comparison pics would be nice.

mrsatan3144d ago

I really want to use this, but I am afraid of getting banned. Once we get better confirmation on Punkbuster banning users of this or not, then I will gladly step up.

CrimsonEngage3144d ago

Is this from the same guy that made the FXAA Injector for Skyrim? I think it is. This does nothing but change the contrast of the game. Don't waste your time downloading it. Second of all, FXAA is a form of Anti-aliasing. A bad low budget form that the console version uses. Why would PC players use FXAA instead of normal AA?

What a fail.

john23144d ago

Because it comes without any performance hit. Moreover, it comes with a sharpening filter so there is no blur while you have FXAA via this way

Darkfocus3144d ago

The Image quality with FXAA is still worse than with no AA. The sharpening filter just thickens black lines to give the appearance of a sharper game but that tends to make it look really grainy and shitty imo...

Animals_as_Leaders3144d ago


But the article does say "want AA that is so blurry the blur is actually worse than aliasing"

It says: "Want better graphics in Battlefield3? Try FXAA Injector and witness some of the best PC visuals ever"

You can see why he would question the validity of such an irrational article.

cryptkiller3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )


I use fxaa injector for skyrim on my pc and i think i makes it look way better. without it everything looks blured, faded, colorless with less detail and night and dark places arnt even dark. Not sure if its anygood with battlefield 3 though.

heres a link to some comparison screenshots i just took for skyrim using fxaa injector.

john23144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

What some don't get is that FXAA Injector's options are fully customisable. Meaning that if someone doesn't like a high contrast, he can edit it and decrease it. If someone wants more saturation, he can increase it. That's the beauty of this tool (alongside the sharpening filter that takes care the blur that is introduced with FXAA and that there isn't any performance hit with FXAA)

Some can adjust the options and their end result may be way different from those screenshots that accompany this article. And that's precisely why this tool is essential to pretty much everyone

mixelon3144d ago

Sharpening things and bumping up the contrast does NOT make graphics better.. Doesn't make them any more realistic either.

You could get the same effect by messing with your monitor settings.. But you wouldn't want to considering the amount of thought and effort that went into making the game look the way it does already.

It's nice there are options though I guess, if people really think this is an improvement.. Different strokes.

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