Dear Nintendo, please stop the Spiny Blue Shell

Mario Kart games are all about blasting your friends away with power-ups as you race toward first place. The spiny blue shell changes that dynamic and turns the game into open warfare. Enough's enough, Nintendo.

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Pikajew2973d ago

I once got hit by one right before the finish line :(

But they are good, showing that anyone can win and not only the best person in the group that is always in the lead.

theonlylolking2973d ago

If it weren't for those blue shells I would have one a million times more than I would have when I was younger. Those blue shells were just waiting for me to cross that finish line.

UltimateIdiot9112972d ago

I often get hit by blue shell on my last lap near the finish line (the times when I use to play) which means I'm often playing with at least one asshole.

ronin4life2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I think this has happened everyone in MK at least once
Me included.
Blue shell is still awesome, though.
Edit everyone hates the blue shell when it screws them over, but lets be honest here: it isn't that bad. There are far worse design decisions in gaming, like CoD single player grenade spamming.

TruthbeTold2972d ago

Blue Turtle shell is the worst idea in Mario Kart History. I can't believe they keep bringing that cheap thing back time after time...

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lorianguy2973d ago

I wanted to see what happened if I got one, went into 1st place then used it.

I was disappointed with the outcome.

kramun2973d ago

Lol. Those bloody things are either good or bad depending on how you are doing in a race, either a godsend or a pain the arse. I wouldn't want a race without them, they make for some funny moments.

ronin4life2972d ago

Exactly. They add to the overall charm and experience.
"It's not about winning; it's about fun."~ Spongebob Squarepants.

Oner2973d ago

Kinda reminds me of when you play a Headshots only type of FPS match and call no noob tubes but when you are in the lead the people who are losing think it's funny to start using noob's cheap and shows who really has the skill and who doesn't.

Now that's not to say I think the blue shell should go away, but definitely limit it's usage amount or to an extent its effect. Simply because if you are always losing then you should improve your skill and not rely on something to "even the playing field" specifically.

Redempteur2972d ago

Well if you have skill , you can avoid it ..

i guess you don't have enough skill then

Oner2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Who said I can't? Because I sure as hell didn't! You ASSumed so, and you know what they say about those who ASSume...


Redempteur2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Only people who can't win because of the blue shell complain about them .i'm perfectly fine with them .
There are too many ways to avoid them ..and if you're playing great you're usually too far away to be annoyed by a 3 sec penality. ( the blue shell ) .

i don't need that much info from you to KNOW that

Oner2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Nope doesn't work that way.

My comment was simply about how it is not a proper item/way to have a race. If you are behind then that is your fault and a "cheat" device should not be in the game because someone is not capable or skilled enough to win. You then ASSume I cannot dodge, drop back 1 place or take a few seconds penalty to keep 1st place (or the win).

YOU made an ASSumption about something you could not possibly know or confirm yet STILL try to argue/side step the FACT you made a baseless ASSumption about me personally (when this wasn't about "me")...It was about a cheap BS item that has no real basis being in the game.

YOU were the one who said something incorrect and are now (as expected) trying to back peddle to make yourself "seem" right when I CLEARLY said "Now that's not to say I think the blue shell should go away" which implies I can deal with a cheesey gameplay move (much like constantly trying to throw someone in a Street Fighter game, something similar like that or how PirateThom/cpayne93AdvanceWars Sgt explains it below about Mario Kart).

But you seem to like them for some reason which says a lot about your character/game style...remember I didn't make this personal towards you ~ YOU did towards me which again says quite a lot about you.

Bottom line is that you can't change or hide the fact you made an ASSumption. So no matter what you try to say or "explain" it cannot be denied because it is in black and white for all to see and confirm for themselves. Ain't that a bitch now huh? LMFAO!

Redempteur2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

still going to continue with your stupid word game ?

You're pathetic . Step up your game and stop these child-like words puns to try to ( uneffectivly ) prove a lost cause. If you're far in front in 1st place a blue shell won't change much .. Using a pad , a boost and many others things to avoid or reduce the item effect will show you victory ..Learn it ....

Don't fake it ..once you know these things you stop paying attention to the shell and focus on going faster ..

Ps: this is not a cheat's a regular item that you can get only on special conditions AND as a fact all the MK items have various ways to reduce their annoyances ( in general ) ... and about blue shell in particular, it's a précious source of mind games when you are playing with someone as skilled as yourself ( local or online )..

Oner2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

More personal mature...and yet you think I am using "uneffectivly" (btw that is not a word) "child like words"? You are so sad & immature that you can't even admit you were wrong. YOU made ASSumptions about something you can't possibly know and yet you STILL are trying to defend it in some feeble, weak way to make yourself feel better.

Whatever man...EVERYONE can see what happened right in black and white and that pisses you off doesn't it? I might not get the "last word" because of bubbles but I don't need it. I made my point quite clearly about your immature and baseless actions here for all to see.

No amount of spin can change that, no matter what you try to say to cover it up.


Redempteur2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

I guess the only way to shut you up ( before you start hammering my Personnal mail box ) is to beat you at mario kart ... don't worry about your blue shells , i'll eat as much as you want ... it won't prevent my inevitable victory.

Oh wait blue shell are such a pain that you probably can't enjoy the game so i won't see you online ... A total shame , you could have a chance to polish your skills

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Alos882972d ago

Blue shells are spite incarnate, especially given how they tend to be given to the person who's in last place.
"I might not be able to win, but **** you guy in first place, if I'm going down you're going down with me!"

PirateThom2972d ago

It's crap like this that made me stop playing the new Mario Kart games... I just don't want to play a game where you can be, far and away, the best and then get screwed over, not by a mistake, by someone else getting a weapon... and the rubber banding. They ruin the game for me.

UltimateIdiot9112972d ago

It's also why I stopped playing Mario Kart. When I was a kid, sure it was fun screwing first place but now, it's just annoying especially when a good deal of time I am first in MK.

So I stopped and haven't play MK since except on those rare occassion when friends want to play. It's boring to know that in first place, you don't get any good items but last, you get the best items.

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