Gran Turismo 5′s Real-World “Data Logger” Back in Action

There hasn’t been much said about the interesting technology since it was first announced at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January of 2010, until now. A new video out of Japan shows the system in action with a camouflaged Toyota GT-86 (formerly known as the FT-86) around Fuji Speedway. You’ll get to see how the data is collected, how its downloaded, and then watch as Kazunori Yamauchi himself takes on the real-world “ghost” car in the game.

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n4gisatroll2974d ago

Well...hopefully this means newer premium cars and tracks.

waltyftm2974d ago

That is some great tech, but that car has the ugliest paint job i have ever seen.

Dark_Vendetta2974d ago

You do know it's the paintjob they put on every prototype so people don't see the shapes of the car that easily?

waltyftm2974d ago

Yeah i did know, honest i did, OK then i didn't.

fei-hung2974d ago

A lot of new cars have odd paint jobs or are covered in tape when they are out testing on tracks. this is to stop people knowing what car it is or what it looks like.

It's the equivilant of celebraties wearing shitty disguises to not bring attention to themselves.

plmkoh2974d ago

If they commercialise this, it would be good visualisation tool for pro/amatuer drivers to learn the track...or just to have some fun.