Top 5 Reasons Why PC Gaming is Still Awesome

PCG Hub writes - "As an avid PC gamer and tech enthusiast for the last 10 plus years I’ve found myself purchasing the latest consoles as they’re released, with the promise of the next generation including something that will change everything but never really living up to it. This isn’t an article to shoot down consoles or their owners (I still own all 3 current generation consoles), but rather it’s to explore why I, and many that I know, either stay or keep coming back to PC gaming."

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Kahvipannu2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

...and mouse and keyboard for gaming. If you want good strategy games, you have to play with PC.

But the biggest reason was there, mods. They can bring games unlimited flexibility and lifetime. And you can in some cases modifye your games easily.

caseh2973d ago

The mods aspect is something I miss about PC gaming. Team Fortress Classic and Counter Strike were both spawned as free mods and literally became franchises of their own.

I miss PC gaming but I don't miss the constant maintenence. :)

Kahvipannu2973d ago

Yeah, it's truly giving the power to the gamers.

ATi_Elite2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

1. Customization: I can tailor fit my gaming experience to my likings. None of this one size fits all stuff, I can game how i want. Total gaming control.

2. Technology: all the new features hit the PC first. All the new game genres hit the PC first. MMO's, FPS/RPG's, FPS/RTS, SIMS, and ActionRTS are really big on the PC right now. Digital Distribution is the best thing since sliced bread. Cheap games plus i save gas money and no shipping and handling fees. F2P lets me try games without wasting a buck if i don't like them.

3. Online: It's the best Online experience hands down. Private servers Guarantees you play with your friends and don't have to worry about racist, rapping, crying 10 year olds all over the dam voice chat. Cheaters are instantly booted by Administrators and dedicated servers offer up equal game play and low ping.

4. Graphics/Mods: Ultra settings are important to me and i need them at 1080p across 3 screens with Physx and 3D and also at 1600p on a 30" BEAST of a screen plus the 42" Bavia in the living room. Mods make most games a whole new adventure or just make them flat out superior like GTAIV. You can even make your own Games on the PC.

5. PC Exclusives: with the exception of a small few multi-plats, I mostly play PC Exclusives. They just offer more depth and strategy in the game play.

Guild Wars 2, World of Darkness, Tera, Firefall, Planetside 2, Arma III, DotA 2, Hawken, The Secret World, etc. are just a few of upcoming PC Exclusives that will offer 100's and 1000's of hours of game play.

It's not about "oh the PC is better" or "PC vs. Consoles" but it's all about do you enjoy what the PC has to offer like the limitless capabilities, control, and depth of games that are available on the PC.

-Alpha2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Don't forget:

-Marginally Superior Multiplatforms (some of the time, when the devs cater to it)
-Cheaper Games, better deals
-Huge library of games
-Keyboard and Mouse
-Exclusives/lots of free games
-King of RTS games
-Freedom and customization, play on your TV, play with a controller, play with 3 screens
-Games get better with age because of above freedom and things like mods

Most of this is contained within Steam, which has really helped push PC gaming in a great direction

BenderDGreat822973d ago

^cheaper games, better deals.

Amen, man! Batman Arkham Asylum and Battlefield 3 for $25 and $30 yesterday...that's less than the cost of one new console game and with the added benefits of being PC :-D

Pikajew2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

I can play tons of classic games on my PC that I missed out on.

Playing Psychonauts now on PC

Kahvipannu2973d ago

Oh yeah, that too. Not so long ago finished again the original X-COM with Dos-Box, and played some Fall-Out 2.. Nostalgic, and fun.

Somebody2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I still have some of the older games in my PC. Some look dated and pale compared to the latest games (obviously) in my PC but like a lot of console gamers love to say : "...great graphic is not relevant/important in a game..." I have the choice to let old games stay as it is or get a HD pack from modders (Oblivion, anyone?). The choice is there and there are plenty of it.

Plus, from what I've seen console gamers have to re-buy PS2 classics. Granted they have been given a HD make over but that would clearly go against the "...great graphic is not relevant/important in a game..." mantra they kept saying all this time. Even they need to pay Sony to upload/play their PSP games on the PS Vita. Let's hope they don't cut out some of the content from the classics and re sell them as DLCs for the HD-up versions.....

Kahvipannu2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I totally agree, tought sometimes console HD makeovers are more than just little bit better textures. For example in the case of Beyond Good and Evil (Love that game), the vertical black boxes are gone from screen, game is in 16:9, and it runs very smooth, on PS2 the framerate was pretty bad. And for example Duke Nukem 3D has online game with X360.

Tought BG&E was on PC too, and it actually was the HD version already when released, and usually, let's use better textures still as example, mods for PC-games have way better done textures, than in these HD-remakes, so your point is still valid. So yeah, it feels a bit pointles in some cases.

Tought thru these remakes more wider (younger too) audience are reached with titles like BG&E. The didn't sell as much as it deserved, true gem of last generation, and now the game gets new change with new hype and relaunch. That's a great thing.

It's a two edged sword, some see it as robbery, some as great thing that the classic games get new audience, and if you ask me, both sides are right.

rattletop2973d ago

graphics-there is no such thing as next-gen for PC since it keeps getting better always
mods- more fun
mmo and RTS
Keyboard and mouse-best for fps
And most important of all- i can play any game from any era. i can still play wolfenstein 3d and roadrash when i get bored after long hours with bf3 or the witcher 2. lol

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