Eurogamer: Move Fitness Review

Eurogamer: Move Fitness is Sony's first foray into the increasingly crowded digital gymnasium Nintendo opened four years ago, when Wii Fit first started upsetting fat people by pointing out they were fat.

The best fitness games aspire to be four things at once: a stepping-stone, a supplement, a motivator and a distraction. They're not meant to be a replacement to 'normal' exercise, which is the usual assumption of habitual point-missers.

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Army_of_Darkness2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Playing the fight: lights out keeps me in shape already. But I'm gonna try this game out when its a little cheaper.... Maybe.

mac_sparrow2972d ago

I used to use the fight as well, it's a good workout. Have to say though that Move Fitness is another step from it (if you want it to be). The 18 minute fast paced programme is really good for getting the blood pumping.

5/10 is an overly harsh score in my opinion.