New Battlefield 3 Patch Coming to PS3 November 30th

Eric of Writes:

"Battlefield 3 has seen its fair share of issues since its release, but DICE is finally releasing a patch to fix, in my opinion, the biggest issue with online multiplayer: squad joining. With the latest update set to release on November 30th on PS3 (360 soon after) the patch will fix a ton of issues including spawn locations in TDM and Conquest, and some balancing fixes as well. There will also be a scheduled maintenance for all platforms that day. For those who don't have a Battlelog account read on for the entire update list"

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dwightmccarthy2983d ago

never had too much of an issue joining as a squad outside of team deathmatch but glad they fixed it. also glad to see a boost to vehicle weapons.

cr33ping_death2983d ago

i always wondered if you could join a squad in TDM, no i found it odd that in random games i would see the message " squad spawned on you" so.... squad is possible if not for this issue???

Spenok2983d ago

Unfortunately I don't think you missed it :/.
Well I'm still happy at least. Every one of my other main gripes with the game are being addressed tomorrow.

Jayjayff2982d ago

Damn it, they should've been their priority i was waiting to read it while scanning the whole thing... if it stays like that i will be greatly disappointed.

rrquinta2983d ago

Maybe it's my imagination, but it seems like the PS3 version of games is often the one with the most problems. I don't say this to disparage against the system - I actually play most of my games on PS3 - but I just find it interesting. Especially in light of the PS3 problems Skyrim has been having. Is it just my imagination?

Majin-vegeta2983d ago

3 words LAZY @$$ DEVS.

OT:Glad to see all these changes.

MGRogue20172983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

This patch is also coming to the Xbox 360 version with the exact same fixes.

OcelotRigz2983d ago

Nice. Thats a lot of fixes.

Glad to see that you can now release your grenade if shot at the last minute while throwing, that was annoying.

Thought they might give you the option to quit games between rounds.

DasBunker2983d ago

no mention of input lag in this... LMAO fawkin DICE you better fix it with this patch

Cosmit2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

As DasBunker said. I went through the list and saw nothing on Input Lag AND MIC FIX! Damn it my main gripes with the game right now. I hope it gets fixed with this patch. They should not wait to fix it up in the next big patch. They should roll them out independently IMO.

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