Top 10 Things Xbox Gamers Should be Thankful for

PlanetXbox360: "In light of the fact that Thanksgiving was this past week, we here at PlanetXbox360 wanted to honor the day by sharing with you what we are thankful for. Microsoft and its Xbox platform have blessed the gaming industry with a number of innovations and new IPs. So, we've compiled a list of ten things that we are thankful for Microsoft bringing to gaming."

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lorianguy2981d ago

Thankful for kinect? No! Microsoft is getting more and more focused on the casual market because of it and several developers are being forced to only develop kinect games rather than kick-ass pad games.

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edgeofblade2981d ago

I can agree with some of these, but they are reaching with others or recycling historical advances to squeeze more milk out of them. Plenty to be thankful for, but this should have been a list of 5 high impact items, rather than 10 stretch items.

MurDocINC2981d ago

Thankfully for
3. Easy and quick menu system. I can do everything quickly blindfolded unlike PS3.
2. Controller, fits my hands perfect and never left with broken finger unlike PS3.
1. Being so easy to hack!

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES2981d ago

That's such a short list...ps3 owners are thankful for AAA exclusive GAMES,bluray,controllers that don't need batteries,playing games on one disc instead of 3,more graphical power,a console that doesn't melt its own fan and explodes... scratching disc....ok I think he gets it lol

palaeomerus2981d ago

I own a PS3 and don't give a shit about 3/4 of the exclusive games. (Most of which are just A budget games)

trouble_bubble2981d ago

Because simply owning a PS3 makes one an expert unlike the other 50 mil' users who also own one and actually use it to play games and not just say "I own a PS3 so trust me when I say everything sucks", lol? Love how so many fanboys allegedly own every console yet hate all the games out there. Hey, I own an XBox720! Amidoitrite?

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES2981d ago

I know one thing they should be thankful for....MULTIPLAT GAMES!!!!! Lmao
What would they do without them.

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