Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand Release Date Revealed

"We have stumbled across some big news if you are a Battlefield 3 player in need of a Back to Karkand release date."

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lorianguy2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

December 7th? Count me in!

Since it was reveled by the Asian Playstation Store, that's probably the PS3 release date with other platforms the week after. Unless the date only applies to Asia of course.

ATi_Elite2977d ago

October 25th was a test opening!

Back to Karkand is the official Grand Opening for me.

Caspian Border, Operation Firestorm, Karkand, Oman, Wake Island will be my rotation of destructive fun.

St02977d ago

Hope so, I can't freakin wait to jump back into these classic maps!

Cosmit2977d ago

Yes. Good thing I got the Limited Edition! :D

SweatyFlorida2977d ago

Lucky, I'll have to cough up $15 :/ Then again I did get it for $30 so I still saved money from pre-ordering ^-^

Cosmit2977d ago

Ha yeah that is a save at least. I got it for like $20 cash and the rest like $40 dollars of coupons at Kmart. Limited edition as well :).

JeffGUNZ2977d ago

Is it me or has this map been DLC like 30 times in BF history ?

Shadow_DR22977d ago

Only Wake Island has made an apearance in most of the Battlefields but not as DLC.

Battlefield 1942 - Disc
Battlefield 2 - Disc
Battlefield 1943 - Came with game
Battlefield 2142 - Free DLC through update

The other maps can only be found on Battlefield 2.

frostypants2977d ago

Yep. Wake Island is kind of a BF tradition. Probably because it caters well to virtually every sort of playing style. I hope they keep it so that both teams start from aircraft carriers.

thedarkvault2976d ago

It was also an included map in the free DICE-made WWII mod for Battlefield Vietnam.

DeadIIIRed2976d ago

@frostypants my german is pretty terrible, but I think I heard the guy in the preview video say something about the American team spawns on a carrier and the other team spawns on the island

JeffGUNZ2976d ago

Thanks Fellas, I thought I heard that name a few times in Battlefield world!

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Swiggins2977d ago

Can't wait to try one of them VTOL's

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The story is too old to be commented.