Modern Warfare 3: Amazing sniper close range spree

GB: "The guy in this video has a sniper rifle equipped. He walks up to a group of enemies and shoots them all in their faces. He kills seven people in a row with amazing, mind-blowing accuracy."

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fluffydelusions2978d ago

PC version so not surprised since mouse is way more accurate than controller.

Moragami2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Superb accuracy? That's really funny, @ 0:13, he gets a kill for shooting the air.

This video shows what MW3 is all about. I really don't understand why it's so popular.

NuclearDuke2978d ago

The sniper in MW3 is the easiest in any of the CoD series. It's hardly amazing, especially with the new proeffficiencies.

RyuDrinksTheDew2978d ago

while i agree that is some definite skill, its also the reason i stopped playing COD.

quick scoping is ridiculous and i disagree with keeping it around.

JeffGUNZ2978d ago

Fortunately, I have not really run into as much as I expected.


Wow... totally amazing and exactly the reason I really don't like playing it anymore. That kind of sums up MW3 for you right there.

violents2978d ago

you gotta love aim assist, huh?

eaisnotactivision2978d ago

pc version of mw3 does not have aim assist

Ethereal2978d ago

I love sniping and all but I disagree with quickscoping even though the map design calls for it. I think they made it bit too easy.

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