VerizonFiOS kicking off Xbox360 streaming with 26 channels for subscribers

Joystiq writes: " Are you ready to watch a limited selection of channels (26) from Verizon FiOS via your Xbox 360? Verizon and Microsoft sure hope so, this morning announcing plans to offer cable access to Xbox Live Gold members who also pay for Verizon's FiOS TV and internet service plans. That's right: if you pay for a subscription to Xbox Live, and pay for a cable TV subscription, and pay for a cable internet connection, then you can watch 26 of your Verizon FiOS channels on an Xbox 360. Hot ... dog?"

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yesmynameissumo2972d ago

If you pay for XBL Gold, Fios TV AND Fios cable Internet, you get to watch 26 channels for $90 a month. No thanks is appropriate, right?

fluffydelusions2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I like how time warner cable users get screwed. Honestly the only reason Live TV appealed to me was because I figured there may be a chance it didn't require an existing subscription...oh well.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

No thanks for an addition? If you already have all of the stuff you mentioned what exactly are you complaining about? If anything, it's allowing you to use your 360 as an extra set-up box. Here's a list of suspected service providers which will basically be providing mobile and Internet apps of their services onto the 360...

Edit: NYC Gamer, even Verizon customers have to sign up for the Fios package whether they use it on the 360 or not. Fios isn't everywhere anyway, so it'll only benefit the people who've already subscribed to it.

yesmynameissumo2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

An extra set-top box that only gets 26 channels? Just use your already paid for Fios and view between 195 or 350 digital channels and between 50-95 HD channels.

THAT'S what I'm complaining about. It's pointless. You already have Fios, yet, you're going to choose to watch less just because it's the 360? That's all you.

gamingdroid2971d ago

The service is in it's infancy though. What did you expect? Nobody else is doing what the Xbox 360 is doing so I really don't have a frame of reference here.

That said if you already own a Xbox 360 and pay for Gold, then this is a nice addition especially if the console can act as DVR.

Either way, it is optional... so why b!tch?

What I'm wondering about if this is going to have additional features like the UFC/ESPN app?

2971d ago
kreate2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

sure the service might get better and better.
but as the service gets better, so is the cost.

the cost will go up as the service gets better. its clearly not worth the price they're asking for.

sure its optional, but the dude cant even make a valid complaint?

I have verizon fios, gold is easy to get, just dont want verizon cable to watch via the xbox. wish I can pay a small fee instead of all these subscriptions ....

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Godmars2902971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

You have to have XBL, one or more other services and pay another fee on top of that? I that what you said?

Asked for clarification because of how it written. How hard is that to understand?

gamingdroid2971d ago

There is no fee on top of that... you pay for XBL, you pay your cable provider for TV service and you get to watch it on your Xbox 360.

That's it!

Don't know where you got additional fees from....?

yesmynameissumo2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Wrong. You pay for Live. You pay for Fios TV and Internet bundle (otherwise, it won't work). The Fios (lowest tier) TV/Internet bundle is $89.99 per month...for 26 accessible channels on your 360. Useless. Just use your VZW provided equipment and watch more.

Also, read the article. It's not like you're just going to subscribe to FiosTV (if it's available in your area) and start streaming to your 360. You need their Fios Internet too. And the desire to pay $90 a month to watch 26 channels.

Also, also...HBO is extra and that $90 a month is for 2yrs, then the price increases $35. Read the fine print.

gamingdroid2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

So you have to pay for internet service? Isn't that a given?

The TV service is delivered over the internet....

However, there is no additional fee.

If you wanted to watch FIOS TV, then you have to pay for the service... unless you thought the internet service was somehow free?

Godmars2902971d ago

Its not a problem unless you don't have that specific provider and are happy with the one you have. There's also being tied to them for two years, especially if you find out they're a below par provider.

gamingdroid2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

The way you worded sounded more like an assertion with a question mark at the end....

There is no contract required for the service. You can see it here:

That said, most service providers if not all give you 30-days to cancel the service before you are locked in.

In fact, the promo is ridiculously fast internet speed at 35 Mbps download AND UPLOAD so it is very reasonable. I pay $40/montly for my [email protected] 12Mbps download and measly 768 Kbps upload. Adding TV cost in the range of $30-40 with the cable box rental for a standard package.

It's actually pretty good deal if you are looking for something like that.

Bottom line, this is free to use as long as you have Xbox Live Gold and subscribe to the appropriate service. NO additional fees.

kreate2971d ago

the problem is not u just need 'internet'

the problem is that u need verizon fios internet.
I have verizon fios. and it cost 90 dollar a month for me.

the internet is superb. but how many people wants to pay close to 100 dollar a month just for internet?

its well worth it if u play ps3 and xbox and pc games simultaneously like me on 2 seperate tv plus a pc monitor.

I dont know how many gamers on n4g use 3 different gaming platforms on 3 different monitors all at the same time like me.

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Virus2012971d ago

That $90 is for the new Verizon Deal. Those who already have Xbox live gold and Verizon Fios (and other cable providers to come) don't have to pay anything extra other than their monthly cable/Internet bill and their regular Xbox live annually.

KingSlayer2971d ago

As long as you're a Fios TV and Internet subscriber you get a whopping 26 channels for $90...a month. Lulz.

dark-hollow2971d ago

I love how ps3 owners complaining about xbl fees.....

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NYC_Gamer2972d ago

would be cool if this could be used with the xbl free

SKUD2971d ago

I agree completely. MS has a very great way of making you feel like crap for opting for silver.

gamingdroid2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Although I think that would be nice, I think the resources put into the service would be far less. Profit is a huge motivator for companies to improve their offerings....

There is a reason why the XBox 360 dashboard has been revamped at least 3 times so far. It ain't done out of the goodness of their heart.

seinfan2971d ago

What's the point? If you have access to a bunch of other channels without the 360, why would you use the 360 at all to watch TV?

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nevin12971d ago

I'm with the majority of people in here, whats is the point in this?

As a PS3 only owner, what am I missing?

firelogic2971d ago

Well you're missing out on watching 26 out of 130+ channels on your PS3 that you could be watching on your...TV.

If this new offering meant that xbox owners could pick and choose the channels they want WITHOUT subscribing to Fios TV and inet, it'd be a great deal. It'd still be great if it was just a flat fee for X channels without subscription to TV/inet like netflix. But of course it isn't. It seems like value added, but it's not.

TheDivine2971d ago

I think its more of a second box to watch fios on. If you have a 360 and happen to have fios you can use your 360 in the other room for cable instead of only using the box on one tv. Nothing spectacular as of now but its cool and free so why not? It may turn into something really great down the line.

People are looking at this like someone would acually sub to both to get 26 channels but its not for that. Its for people who already have both.

mindedone2971d ago

Of the people that are confused/complaining about this, how many of you pay for your own service?

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