Skyrim's PlayStation 3 Patch Improves Performance, Does Not Make Textures Look Worse

GR - "Contrary to reports yesterday, the new patch for Skyrim does not make the game look worse."

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phantomexe2980d ago

I'm still geting lag but not as bad as i was. Some parts of the game are worse then others now instead of long term play being the factor.

PygmelionHunter2980d ago

Hmm... Getting this game early next year, here's hoping all of these things will be fixed by then.

Lirky2980d ago

Performance is better when roaming skyrim, and fast traveling too but the textures in environments are low-res, before the patch the resolution for textures around the world were at higher-res.

MariaHelFutura2980d ago

That's completely untrue.

Your eyes are playing tricks on you cause you have it in your mind that it looks worse OR your trolling.

Lirky2980d ago

My mind isnt playing tricks on me when i moved closer to alot of textures in areas i noticed that quality looked lower-res, the work bench in some towns are in low-res the grey slab its like smoothened lower res textures. But the performance things are not as laggy.

BitbyDeath2980d ago

None of those problems on my copy.

I'd recommend you try deleting everything Skyrim related and try again, you got something dodgy goin on.

Lirky2980d ago

Yeah its most likely the high mb file + old data from the day one patch of skyrim. Ill probably start a new game to see if theres a difference keeping the high-res textures.