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Convas3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Finally, I need some PS3 exclusives for next year besides Sly Cooper 4 and Ni No Kuni.

@Karooo: Hmmmm, I am pretty sure you forgot that I don't have the same tastes as you do.

@Shubhankar: The Last Guardian? Nobody's see it in a long time. I'm not flamingly optimistic about its future ATM.

@Majin: Interested in Starhawk, but not MUST BUY interested. Space combat needs to actual space combat, with the actual laws of Physics and Gravity applying, not just a map with a space-themed skybox. And from what I've seen, it's the latter.

Karooo3659d ago

Hmm I am pretty sure you forgot a lot of PS3 exclusives for next year.

kaveti66163659d ago

His statement doesn't make any implication about how many exclusives there are. He just states that those are so far the only ones for next year that he's interested in.

You guys don't buy every exclusive, do you?

Pixel_Enemy3659d ago

I do buy almost all of the exclusives. The only one I really don't care for is Resistance. I am more of a Killzone kind of guy.

iChii3659d ago

Metal Gear Solid 5?! JAK 4?! If its one of those two games, I'll melt. x.x

nveenio3659d ago

I'm sure I'd pretty much believe anything. Sony has more exclusives than two pots and a barrel roller.

zeeshan3658d ago

Either GOW4 or MGS5 but I doubt that MGS5 will be exclusive to PS3 (I hope I am wrong though).

BluEx6103658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Twisted Metal, Agent, The Last Gaurdian, FF XIII VS, FF XIV, MLB The Show, StarHawk, Sorcery, Sony's Title Fight, God of War 4, MGS5, and a possible new IP all trying to launch around 2012 sounds too good to be true.

humbleopinion3658d ago

Over half of these games sounded to good to be true when they were claimed to be released in 2011, and some of them back on 2010 and even 2009. Guess what? It indeed wasn't true. Unreleased and unannounced games have a tendency of not being released within a single year timeframe

gaffyh3658d ago

I've got a feeling it's just going to be that Sony Smash Bros game.

ApplEaglElephant3658d ago

Even if half of those games get realeased. That is huge amount.

just look at 360. what does it have? Halo that isnt made by Bungie.

humbleopinion3657d ago


That's becasue MS mostly applies the opposite Strategy: instead of announcing games years in advance and then throwing them to dev limbo, they announce most of their games about a year before, sometimes less.
Forza 4 for example was only officially announced in 2011 and L4D2 was announced half a year before it was released. But for how many years now are we hearing about Agent and TLG?

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Shubhankar3659d ago

Well, there's Final fantasy XIII Versus (hopefully) and The Last Guardian.

Max Power3659d ago

::sigh:: Why can't people get the title of FFvXIII right?

heroicjanitor3659d ago

Versus won't be next year imo, not sure two Final Fantasies were ever released in the same year.

sikbeta3659d ago

Wait! VsXIII and TLG? thought it was a New Game, not a game already announced :( was thinking about the PlayStation Smash OMG! Game XD

DigitalRaptor3659d ago

@ heroicjanitor

I have a strong feeling Versus will be next year, at least for Japan. XIII-2 is December 2011 for Japan, so that's a year apart. You can bet people will be importing Versus from Japan like a motherf***er!

Soplox3659d ago

Kingdom Hearts III perhaps? OMG that would make my whole year. I'm starting to jizz my pants of just thinking about it. But obviously we know it will gonna be Tittle Fight(SONY's Smash Bros)

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Majin-vegeta3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Umm hello Starhawk??

Edit:Better be Syphon Filter or Legend Of Dragoon2.

saladthieves3659d ago

I wonder WHERE Sorcery is!!!! This is a game that had me excited. I've got a PS Move and I'd love to get my hands on that game...would put my PS Move to good use.

jdfoster3659d ago

There was an ign article a few weeks back saying there will be a new demo released in mid december at a conference. Saying it is in development.

Gazondaily3659d ago

The person who gave you a disagree deserves to get run over in an ice cream van.

Twisted Metal is going to be epic!

KillaManiac3659d ago

And have their head set on eternal fire.

Can't wait for this game! I am dying to know all that was changed because of the pushback. Also, I am glad it did get pushed since there was WAY too many games released this holiday.

Acquiescence3659d ago

Ermmm, so to compile the exclusives mentioned in reply...

Final Fantasy XIII Versus
The Last Guardian
Twisted Metal

...there's also The Jak & Daxter HD Collection, Journey and Yakuza: Dead Souls. That's plenty!

Anyway, I hope the exclusive is Shenmue III, because I have a hard time believing that would happen.

DigitalRaptor3659d ago

Don't tease that, it's cruel! :p

iChii3658d ago

Final Fantasy Versus XIII? I gave up on that game being exclusive a LONG time ago.

Can't wait for Sorcery, The Last Guardian, Twisted Metal and Jak & Daxter Collection! Also, I wanna play the Starhawk BETA to see how it is.

Thatguy-3103659d ago

I'm am positive that it will be the sequal to heavenly sword !!! Watch !!

NeoBasch3659d ago

I hate you. Don't get my hopes up! lol

WhiteLightning3658d ago

If it better have Nariko as the main character...........SOME WAY.

showtimefolks3659d ago

something we won't believe.

well let's see

gow 4 i don't think so
sony smash bros 60% chance

or how about this first footage of AGENT with RS logo all over the place because impact wise nothing could touch that.

but if i am a betting man i would say its GOW 4 more than sony smash bros just because we have heard a lot more about GOW 4 for a longer period of time

dfire12123659d ago

Another exclusive......FTW

beavis4play3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

if it's MGS5.....jak4.....eight days....sypyhon filter....or agent - i'll go completely batsh1t!

Skip_Bayless3658d ago

God of War 4 is believable. Sony Smash Brothers being confirmed would be a shocker.

miyamoto3658d ago

that will now become a PS3 exclusive. Just like what happened to Final Fantasy XIII.

net1234563658d ago

"Space combat needs to actual space combat, with the actual laws of Physics and Gravity applying, not just a map with a space-themed skybox"

Do you even now the laws of physics ? In Space is no gravity. No friction either. A Space ship moves totally different through space then a plane. The controls would be akward. Once propelled into one direction your ship wont stop moving there unless you propel it into the opossite direction. Space Fights with real physics would be different then any other game we had and I cant imagine people like to monitor all the six axes all the time and correcting course while shooting the enemy. Also there is no up and down in space it would complicate things a lot.

Demanding correct physics from Starhawk is like demanding that every enemie dies or looses consciousness with one gut shot.

It was never made like this and its not fun. Play Train/Flight Simulator if you want somewhat realistic physics. Moving through space semi realistically sucks ass way more.

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coolbeans3659d ago

More than likely Sony Smash Bros. (not final title) will be the announcement.

matgrowcott3659d ago

It's apparently called Title Fight at this point.

Shackdaddy8363659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

You're right, but it's easier to just say Sony Smash Bros.. Title Fight sounds dumb and very vague. I'm not going to say that and expect everyone to know what I'm talking about...

gunnerforlife3659d ago

@shackdaddy i think he was joking loool

ASTAROTH3659d ago

I think Sony Smash Bros sounds dumber as you are not giving credit to SONY and say its just a SSB copy... lets hope is Sony Legendary Brawl!!!!!!!

Wintersun6163658d ago

I'm going to LOL if they counter troll the Xbox fanboys who call Sony fanboys the Sony Defence Force, and give the game a name that acronyms SDF.

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xztence3659d ago

I'm 100% sure it is exactly has to be.

kneon3659d ago

Finally a suggestion I wouldn't believe, which is what we're looking for. If the text is true then it has to be something we don't know about and wouldn't expect. But isn't Halo owned by Microsoft? Could be Gears, I think they don't own that IP, just the rights to the first 3 games.

Paradicia3659d ago

Are people seriously suggesting Halo as a PS3 exclusive? This site is a lot more delusional than I originally thought. It's more than likely that rumoured Sony smash bro game.

gotgame19853659d ago

I seriously douht gear is going any where.

beavis4play3659d ago

if i wanted gears or halo - i'd buy a 360........and i'm not buying one.

DonaldBeck3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

i would rather have sony smash bros than a halo game rickhunter

Jazz41083659d ago

Maybe its only 49 firmware updates instead of 50 lol just kidding.

Convas3659d ago

Cross platform play, Spartans vs Helghast, Gosh, it'd be brilliant, it'd sell millions.

N4G's fanboy deviant factions could finally have a legitimate fight to prove who is better. I'd buy both copies for both consoles just for kicks and giggles.

theonlylolking3659d ago

Spartans would have a hard time against the helghast because the helghast have much better technology but spartans would still win.

YodaCracker3658d ago

Well, at least the 360 version would sell millions.

Edgeofglory3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

If sony and ms could agree on it then it would be amazing , would have to be on GG engine tho or it would look like crap n i get the feeling the sniper from kz3 would be wiping the floor with everyone lol.

Gazondaily3659d ago

I'd rather it was on the Halo engine so that it didn't play like crap as opposed to looking like it.

One game is blatantly more skill based than the other. Which game do you think that is?

Edgeofglory3659d ago

You haven`t played killzone then,plays smoother,has more players and brutal melee system. As for 1 game needing more skill i take it you mean killzone since you need team work to win n use each class to their strengh.

Goeres3659d ago

Yea right, Halo taking more skill than KZ2. LMFAO

Lavalamp3659d ago

Agent? 8 Days resurrected? Sony Smash Bros? God of War 4? New Quantic Dream game? Final Fantasy Versus XIII? New Guerrilla Games title? Final Fantasy VII Re- *dies*

Barkleylola3659d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3???? I hope so, but that game is never coming....

Pacman3213659d ago

Could be a new game by Hideo Kojima maybe?!/geof...

Beast_Master3659d ago

It is about that time for Santa Monica to spill the beans on what they have been working on since March 2010. The GoW team has only put out 1 game this gen, while Naughty dog, Gurrilla, Sucker Punch, zipper and most others have done 2 or 3. I would imagine Sony is pushing the studio to have something out before this generation ends. They would have a difficult time creating a new IP for a 2-3 year build cycle so I am guessing a game in the GoW universe with a new hero or a resurrected Kratos finishing off whatever gods are left. Then I would predict a new IP for next gen.

3658d ago
Beast_Master3658d ago

Well he is dead at the moment(which is not the first time). and They said this is the end of this trilogy. So either they resurrect Kratos or tell his brothers story that was hinted at the end of 3 by Zeus.

Killzone3Helghast3658d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 won't happen because the devs said they're not looking into it till after FFvs13 is out

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