“There are plenty more stories in the Uncharted universe”- Naughty Dog

GB: "Naughty Dog isn’t sure what they really want to work on right now, but they sure as hell are not done with the Uncharted franchise. While many of you must be thinking that we’ve seen the last of Nathan Drake with the incredible Uncharted 3, Naughty Dog says that they will continue making Uncharted games as long as there are more stories in the universe to tell and as long as fans want them."

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kma2k2978d ago

I will gladly play them all :)

Thatguy-3102978d ago

Though I didn't like the latest installment I'm always up for more Nathan I want them to tackle down the lost city of atlantis or the mystery surrounding the bermuda triangle.

lumley6662978d ago

the uncharted series has been my fav this gen i hope they go on for decades to come, tho i wudnt mind naughty dog starting a new franchise for next few years, everything they create is like gold and i have loved there 3 major franchises over the playstations. great work naughty dog ur incredable developers keep up the good work :)

Alos882978d ago

There were probably plenty more stories in Jak and Daxter's universe, but that didn't stop you from abandoning it.

RedDead2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

One new franchise came about though which many people also love. I don't mind if one gets abandoned and a new one takes it's place, just so long as the new one is good. I'm eagerly anticipating ND's new franchise, whenever it comes about. They're always top quality

Yeah me too ALos, but you never know, next gen they could give something better than both.

Alos882978d ago

Meh, I like Uncharted but Jak and Daxter is my favorite of Naughty Dogs franchises to date.

xX-Jak-Xx2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Not buying !!
bought uncharted 2 three days = bye bye
Uncharted 3 four days = bye bye

i want jak
long story
too much fun
0% boring
almost 4 months of awesomeness

Jak HD collection is coming
it may take a year to beat them all ^^

BXbomber2978d ago

u want them to return to jak?? screw that jak and dex franchise. i'm soo happy they made uncharted and honestly uncharted takes a big dump on the jak franchise. i had jak back in the days, guess wat NOTHING AMZING bout those games. if u don't like the uncharted series good for u move on then. so enjoy ur jak HD remake and be happy they even remembered to give that crap a HD makeover. uncharted series FTW

MizTv2978d ago

just beat 3 on monday it was awesome but i think i like 2 the best

BXbomber2978d ago

i just beat 3 and i honestly luved 3 more then 2 and 2 was beast.

SoapShoes2978d ago

Yeah same here, BXbomber.

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