Gran Turismo 5 and Toyota Collaborate for Real Life Data Logging: Watch the Results.

Two years ago Polyphony Digital and Toyota Motor Corporation announced a new technology that would allow data from a real car driven on a real course to be logged and visualized in Gran Turismo5 for testing and display purposes.

Now the project has come to fruition, and the results have been shown by the Japanese TV.

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Cloudberry2977d ago

So at 01:38, in the real race driving, the car spins a few times.

Then the real race data transferred to GT5 via USB, and the car in the game spins too...

Abriael2977d ago

got to say that that is the only part in which it seems that the sim didn't reproduce it perfectly.if you notice in real life the car ends the spin perfectly lined with the track. In the game it's way more angled.

Cloudberry2976d ago

I'm still kinda curious though...

In example, what if the real car crashed and how would the game simulate that? : P

Could they use this tech to simulate real crashing too?

Abriael2976d ago

@Cloudberry: I don't have the slightest idea about it. It would probably simulate the car going into the obstacle, but then the game would probably simulate the crash on it's own. Which is pretty much what I think happened with the spin.
The data told Gran Turismo 5 that the car lost grip and started spinning, but then the game simulated the spin by itself. If that's the case, it's quite impressive, because even if the car didn't end exactly at the same angle, it still spun twice. 100% accurate physics are hard to expect, but it means that they're still very accurate.

nefertis2976d ago

Fresh out the box, it makes me wonder where sony hide the rest i want one badly.

Abriael2976d ago

One is at my place, I even dismantled and overhauled it completely (cleaning, change of thermal paste and so forth), so it'll never die! :P

kingPoS2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

That was a test ps3 not the regular phat ps3.

Heck I want one of those myself.

I think this is how they set time trail goals.

Gran Touring2976d ago

While you might not be able to tell right now, and while the physics are not completely accurate, the concept behind the data logger technology represents a revolutionary step in racing simulation. I sincerely hope that in the future both developers and automakers can have similar joint efforts in creating realistic driving physics engines to incorporate into games like GT.