Modern Warfare 3- Luckiest Throwing Knife Kill Ever

GB: "Watch this amazing, hilarious video of probably the luckiest throwing knife kill in Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer yet. This guy throws his knife and runs around, shoots another guy, and ten seconds later- bam! The knife hits a target and he registers a kill."

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davidmccue2972d ago

lol, he just spawned as well, its more like the unluckiest death.

Scenarist2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

lmfao ...

i was thinking to myself " how is this video gonna top that video where the knife landed and bounced around someones own chopper (forgot what its called) and the knife dropped down on him

they both are great lol

Shubhankar2972d ago

Yeah, I remember that one. The one in which the knife bounces off the plane and falls on the guy lying on the ground, who then goes "WUUUAAARGH!!!"
Lol, that one was hilarious too.

RayRay362972d ago

That vid kills this one. I'll never forget that knife kill...

bwazy2972d ago

Bouncing off the Killstreak video was much much MUCH more lucky than this one.