Counter Strike: Global Offensive Beta: Key-Only Launch Incoming

NowGamer: CS:GO beta could start tonight Valve confirms.

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Feckles2983d ago

Want. Can't wait to see what Valve does in a world of COD and Battlefield.

Own it, that's what.

TimmyShire2983d ago

It's a shame that the game that arguably spawned COD and so many others, that Counter Strike will be largely ignored by most.

fluffydelusions2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Not by the PC community it won't be. On 360/PS3 yeah probably. CS is still played more than any COD on steam to this day and that includes MW3.

Shackdaddy8362983d ago

On PC, it will be largely popular. I predict it will instantly become the most played game on Steam and stay there.

It could also be very popular on PS3 too. If Valve gives out plenty of DLC(zombie, surf, and gungame on the PS3 would do wonders for its popularity. Not to mention a couple of good user-made maps thrown in as map packs)

MaxX_942980d ago

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