Mass Effect 3 to feature canned Mass Effect 2 Citadel mission

OXM UK: "BioWare has confirmed that Shepard will return to the Citadel in Mass Effect 3, and revealed that you'll be able to tackle Citadel missions originally slated to appear in Mass Effect 2."

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krazykombatant3147d ago

REALLY... I had no idea that I would have to go back to the citadel with the reapers attacking and all...... I have a feeling you're going to be asked to either save earth or the citadel by the end of the game. My ONLY request is, PLEASE don't make the citadel into a Final Fantasy thing were its all corridors and shit.... I hated that in ME2.

saladthieves3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Honestly, after beating ME 1 and starting to play Mass Effect 2, I was excited when Captain Anderson sent me a message saying that he wanted to see me at the citadel.

I always loved running around the citadel, up and down doing quests, scanning the keepers and going outside with that lovely music playing in the background. I hated elevator rides though.

Granted they were removed in ME 2, I hated the new Citadel in ME 2. It felt like I was just underground, that's all, no outside surface. I also discovered that I made a mistake at the end of ME 1 choosing Ambassador Udina as the new chief. He was such a douchebag in ME 1 and was an even bigger douche in ME 2.

Blacktric3147d ago

" According to Mass Effect 3's lead writer Mac Edwards..."

It's Mac WALTERS... I honestly can't understand these retarded journalists nowadays...

ScubbaSteve3147d ago

Lets just refer to him as Big Mac from here on out.

rattletop3147d ago

ME2 didn't quite let me explore the citadel. wish i could go around just for the nostalgia. same with the other planets that i visited. i wish in ME3 after we are done with the reapers we could go to all planets featured so far in the series.

m233147d ago

It would be nice to go back and visit the Citadel seeing as we didn't get to at all in Mass Effect 2. (aside from one room)

IronFistChinMi3147d ago

That's not true. You're forgetting the C-Sec/Thane mission's, amongst others.

m233147d ago

Oh man, I totally forgot about those. My bad.

soundslike3147d ago

wow so how much DID they cut from ME2