There's "deeper content" once "through the story" in Star Wars: The Old Republic

BioWare's senior environment artist Mike Harnisch for MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic says that people have been "very positive" about it so far from the beta sessions.

The team has done a "really good job of being cinematic," and BioWare always try an "innovative twist" where they can. The combat "feels very Star Wars; even behind the scenes".

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FlashXIII2973d ago

I just hope the "deeper" content" isn't purely gear progression based. The last thing I want after WoW is an endgame based solely on grinding dungeons/heroics for the best gear, waiting until next patch/expansion and rinse n repeat. That's not "deeper content" in my eyes.

Fingers crossed Bioware won't go this route entirely.

Drewminati2973d ago

After getting out of the beta.. i can't wait

Saryk2973d ago

Totally agree, after playing beta this weekend, I pre ordered two copies. One for my son and me and can’t wait for the 15th………..

sonicsidewinder2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Didn't really like the beta.

Same old same old. The cutscenes simply take on a verbose method of telling the player "Go here and kill 5 of these monsters" or "Go find 5 of these things here, there, and over there."

I don't like that it's using that same old Dragon Age likeness.

Boring conversation system.

1) Perhaps you'd be so kind to tell me what's happening.
2) I wonder what is going on.
3) Shut up and tell me what's going on!

Same response.

Oooh, moral increase!