Rainbow 6 Patriots - Brandnew and exclusive Screenshots

Here are the first real screenshots for Rainbow 6 Patriots. The look marvelous.

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dooge2702d ago

Don't let me down this time Mr. Clancy.

FanboyPunisher2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Too late, looks like its going to be casual as hell; screenshots have a team member shooting, while running down the side of a birdge.

Pretty 'vegas 2' to me. Rainbow Six 3 days are long over... they want sales, not a tactile game anymore.

Venjense2702d ago

Vegas was amazing, add a great story into that and I'm happy.

JeffGUNZ2702d ago

Is this the game where they have the moral thing. You pick what to do and what not to do and that meter thing they talked about a while back?

noctrnl132702d ago

I'm assuming there is some hate towards the vegas series? I thought they were good. Not the greatest rainbow six installments but definitely solid in the series.

Shackdaddy8362702d ago

There's a couple of people around here that are fans of the originals. I personally love Vegas but then again, I've only played the old R6 games once and that was a multiplayer demo...

dcortz20272702d ago

The RB6:Vegas games were great fun. I loved the co-op, and the multiplayer was great. I don't understand all the hate towards RB6:Vegas games. I personally can't wait for this one, it looks so good!

IaMs122702d ago

Because, personally coming from a original R6 player, they are not Rainbow 6 at all to me.

Panthers2702d ago

I can understand the hate. Vegas games were fun (although buggy as hell) but I assume to people who were fans of the original, its like Socom. The new ones are all trash compared to Socom 1/2 Devs try to get new fans by alienating their old fan base and in the end lose both.

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The story is too old to be commented.