Hajime Tabata Wants to Make a 3rd Birthday Sequel

Hajime Tabata just finished work on his latest project, Final Fantasy Type-0. So what's he working on now?

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NukaCola2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

I would love to see a Parasite Eve sequel on PS3. The original was such a unique RPG.

Mike_Tha_Hero2978d ago

This tbh. I'm slightly surprised it hasn't been announced.

Pozzle2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

I agree. No offense to Square, but imo The Third Birthday was a horrible mess of a game that barely resembled the series it was supposed to be a spin-off of. A "proper" Parasite Eve sequel would be incredible (especially if they managed NOT to completely butcher the characters, and not ditch the survival-horror aspects, this time around).

leahcim2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

I really dont understand "horrible mess of a game", please!!
did you finish the game??
did you actually play the game??

its amazing, are you blind?

no offense

but 3rd birthday was pure joy to me... exquisite graphics, menu´s, gameplay, structure... story, the story was totally hated by the critics, but its more clever, well structured and writed than the 90% of the story from occidental games.

Pozzle2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Amazing? I'd call the first Parasite Eve game "amazing". Even Parasite Eve 2 (despite being a Resident Evil riopoff) is a pretty decent game that had some genuinely creepy moments.

But The Third Birthday? I don't know why Square even bothered to make it a Parasite Eve spinoff in the first place. It had nothing to do with the original series and was barely even a spinoff at that (where is the Mitochondria? The horrible monsters? Why did they introduce the body-dive bull into a series that never had body-dive bull), it butchered the characters (Kyle was pretty bad, but Maeda was the worst case here...he was turned into a disgusting perv for no apparent reason, when he used to be a shy genius in the older PE games), not to mention the stupid time paradox thing left too many unanswered questions (How did Maeda get a hold of Aya? What is Isabella's relevance to the plot?) and the gameplay was bland a best (a slight upgrade of Dirge of Cerberus' shooter gameplay, but that isn't saying much. Shoot, run, cover, shoot, strafe, shoot, liberation, shoot, crossfire, shoot, change bodies, shoot, dodge. DNA board was also ridiculous).

Don't even get me started on the whole Aya/Not-Aya thing. Way to shit on an amazing character, Square! But hey, at least you got a bunch of ass-shots outta her, right??

IDK...IMO the whole game felt like a spit in the face of the original Parasite Eve fans and the original team who made the game. It was as though Square had a new story in mind, but instead of creating a new IP that might not garner gamers' attention, they decided reviving a pre-existing franchise would sell better so they stuck their stupid story onto it even though it made no sense in context of the already-existing story.

Reibooi2978d ago

my simple feelings/thoughts on The 3rd birthday and before anyone asks yes I finished the entire game and I played the ever loving crap out of the original 2 games back in the day.

The game had great game play and systems and such but ruins the story, characters, themes and setting in nearly every way possible.

Aya was a badass in both the original Parasite Eve games and in the new game she is a constant self doubting somehow comes out alive heroine. She isn't badass and even comes off annoying quite often. Bottom line she is NOTHING like the real original Aya Brea that was in PE 1 and 2.

In addition to that what made the original 2 games so cool was the incredibly dark setting with the bits of horror thrown in with things such as the horrifying transformation sequences. Those are gone and the monsters are just generic beasties that made me laugh when I found out what they really were during the end of the game.

Not to mention the ending basically ruins any way to continue the series without having a new main character.

I would love to see a remake of the original so they could not ruin the games story or something like that but unless they go back to the original 2 games in terms of tone and theme I would not want another one.

Alos882978d ago

Put your next game on Vita, it's time to start supporting that console instead of the one that barely gets anyone interested outside of Japan anymore.

Chrono2978d ago

That's good but I hope it takes more gameplay elements from the PE1 & 2.

tiffac0082978d ago

Having to kill one of my favorite character in gaming wasn't cool.

I would rather have a sequel to Parasite Eve instead. You can keep all the mechanics of 3rd Birthday but I want a canon not a spin off.

Pozzle2978d ago

I like to think The Third Birthday is set in an alternate universe. It makes me feel better about the fact that Square killed off one of their most memorable game heroines. ;(

tiffac0082977d ago

It should be set in an alternate universe, they even turned Maeda into a crazy-maniac and Aya was actually... Maya!

-Puts desk on head-

That's right the story was so face-palm that I'm putting a desk on my head instead of my head on the desk. >.<;;

2978d ago