Modern Warfare 3 DLC Map Pack: New Video Shows Map Names - Rumour

Modern Prestige has given NowGamer a video link to what appears to be lobby footage of the leaked Modern Warfare 3 DLC maps. Take it with a pinch of salt.

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skyward2983d ago

Like the idea of getting environments from earlier games that were never used in MP. Have to say that despite a terrible story, MW3 does tie all 4 games together quite nicely.

theonlylolking2983d ago

What is the forth one? Black ops has nothing to do with modern warfare.

skyward2983d ago

Er, I've said too much. Either that, or I meant 3...

uglychix7s2983d ago

These pictures were stolen from Se7enSins. We were the first to post he is stealing credit.

fastrez2983d ago

There aren't pictures though. It's a video.

uglychix7s2983d ago

The pictures in the video are ours.... lol

davidmccue2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

So basically it is now alright to hack games if you provide information about any upcoming DLC in the process?

Whats the world coming too, when the media fights about the NAMES (no details) of the DLC maps, while glorifying the hackers.

uglychix7s2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Read above, sorry for the double post.

Whore_Mouth2983d ago

Modern Prestige seem to be rather pathetic, and in need of constant praise.
Slapping your name on a video is a far cry from sticking a flag in something. Relax guys, one day you will get a break, and also get some taste in music.