Destructoid: Mario Kart 7 Review

Jim Sterling writes:

"The more a game has the word "new" printed on the back of its game case, the better the chances are that the game inside will feel older than time itself. Mario Kart 7 has the word "new" printed on the back of its game case no less than four times, and true to the theory, its contents are less fresh than the contents of Joan Crawford's underwear.

At this point, it's customary with a Nintendo game to mention how that's not a bad thing, to highlight how nothing was broken and didn't need fixing. In Mario Kart 7, however, I don't think that's appropriate. For once, sticking to tradition has not worked in Nintendo's favor."

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Laxman3148d ago

Does anyone actually take this guy seriously?

Optical_Matrix3148d ago

Never. Gonna get the game this week hopefully and I know I'll have loads of fun with it. Jims a hater. And no, I didn't take his stealth troll review of Killzone 3 seriously.

klecser3148d ago

The solution to the "everybody gives 8s" problem is not to shit on a likely very good game with a poor review.

AdvanceWarsSgt3148d ago

I don't care for the score to be honest, but the entire review is highly unprofessional. I don't care if that guy claims to have played MK64 til he was blue in the face, he clearly did not want to review that game, and you can tell from the tone and lack of information in his entire review.

It's a goddamn shame that these paid journalists can't even match the objective analysis and overall quality of amateur blog reviewers and forum users. Goddamn shame I say.

Shackdaddy8363147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Jim Sterling is in general an asshole. I don't trust him with any review.