Kharma & Vickie Guerrero Entrance Videos Leaked

The Divas DLC pack for WWE '12 is coming very shortly in December. THQ has yet to reveal screenshots and videos for the Divas but few few videos have already been leaked on Youtube.

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raytraceme2972d ago

lol i would really love to see both of them go at it.

MariaHelFutura2972d ago

I'm not sure if the "female" in the pic could ever be considered a Diva.

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GiggMan2972d ago

Am I the only one that got aroused watching that first entrance? O_0

txchris892972d ago

whaa?...i haven't watched wrestling in awhile...i didn't know awesome kong went to WWE...good for her tho...i'm sure she gets paid a lot more

Bathyj2972d ago

Yeah, she was there for about 5 minutes, never even had an actual match, and then left because she was pregnant.