Interview: CD Projekt’s CEO on Witcher 2 piracy, why DRM’s still not worth it

CD Projekt CEO and co-founder Marcin Iwinski’s thoughts on DRM schemes like Bohemia’s, why we should get rid of DRM altogether, how many Witcher 2 copies were pirated, and how piracy can even occasionally be beneficial.

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NYC_Gamer2977d ago

i am happy that they sold over 1 million copies.this company really deserves the support from all gamers.

T9002977d ago

Bought the game at launch for 36usd of D2D, i think it was a bargain specially considering the game even has replayability. I finished it once and i am going to give it a 2nd run, which would mean about 80hours of gameplay overall.

lelo2play2977d ago

I bought it... great game.

SP3333D-O2977d ago

At $16, I couldn't help but buy it! Pirating copies is just stupid. If someone is creating something you enjoy, supporting them by paying for it!

Puty2977d ago

Great attitude, CD Projekt :).

Voxelman2976d ago

Trully awsome game, and considering the relatively low budget the game should have already made a decent profit.

Their stance on DRM is one all PC gamers should support, no more of this stupid DRM that just hurts the people that actually buy your games when pirats get to download DRM free copies. Making pirated versions of you game a better experiance than buying is not going to sell you more copies and the DRM always gets cracked anyway.

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