SSX Preview - X360 / PS3 (GamePron)

GamePron: A little backstory: The original SSX was kind of a big deal for PlayStation gamers back in the days before the PS3. It was – for many – the “Killer App” for the then-new PS2, heralding the next generation of graphics and providing some great gameplay. But then it all went quiet – EA tried valiantly but never seemed quite able to reclaim the lofty peaks reached by the first game.

...and now, it’s been a long time between drinks – and those drinks have changed an awful lot.

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bozebo2977d ago

Looks OK. Looks well presented.

But I will not buy it unless it plays like it did in 3 or earlier. After 3 they just messed it up with pretentious rubbish.

Dunpeal2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

looks promising enough. i expect it'll get between an 8 and 9. the market is wideopen for a solid snowboarding game since the shaun white one is not great and who better than SSX to take over? i sure hope they don't disappoint

"an old-school game with next-gen graphics. Really, that’s what most of us want, right?"

i disagree. i want the essence of what the old school game did right joined with the flavor of present technology, which is what EA Canada is attempting to do and if they pull it off it will be a great game. i don't want a rehash with pretty graphics unless it's a straight up HD port. where's the creativity and ingenuity in that?