Four-part Sonic the Hedgehog Documentary shows off 20 years of love [The Gaming Vault]

Sonic Generations was a long time in the making, taking twenty years of Sonic and condensing them into one astounding title.

As such, SEGA saw fit to have a documentary highlighting the love that went into Sonic Generations‘ creation and show off just how excellent everything is. All four parts behind the cut, outlining the birth of the Blue Blur, turning Sonic into a 3D figure, the music that accompanies him, and finally the creation of Sonic Generations.

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Herminator2972d ago

From what I know of the Sonic franchise, the first part is the only one worth watching, yes?

Sidology2972d ago

Zing. No, the whole documentary is worth watching. It's not particularly long, either.

I_am_Batman2972d ago

This is more an advertising to Sonic Generations than a documentary about Sonic in general.

Why can't they make a proper Sonic 4? With the same gameplay mechanics as they were in the Genesis games. The physics never felt that great again in any Sonic game.

kingPoS2972d ago

What's the ETA on Sonic CD? Anyone know!

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