To Wii Or Not To Wii?: 6 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Wii This Christmas

WhatCulture: The Wii has had a hugely successful life. For a time Wii’s outsold Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 combined and was the must have Christmas purchase. The Wii has also been largely looked down on by the hardcore gaming community and for good reason. There have been very few good games released over the Wii’s six years and even fewer great games. However, there has been an abundance of dross aimed at a casual gaming market that was created by Nintendo. But I think that now is actually the perfect time for the hardcore gamer to invest in the Wii, just as it reaches the end of the road.

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cochise3132977d ago

if you already have an hd console then go for it, but if it's your first system then go with ps3 or 360.

Eu2977d ago

I'll give you ONE reason not to buy a Wii: the Wii U is coming oh so soon....and it will problably be retro compatible an so whatever game you want to play on the Wii will be playable in it...and then Im betting that Skyward Sword (and maybe the most recentgames...) will be upgraded and launched to the Wii U with HD resolution and so on....

stragomccloud2977d ago

Too bad it won't play Gamecube games... although Wii games will all work.

PygmelionHunter2977d ago

Region locked Wii games will still not work, I'm keeping mine just for Xenoblade Chronicles and maybe The Last Story and Pandora's Tower next year.

TopDudeMan2977d ago

Can "It's actually good" really be counted as a reason?

The only reasons I can agree with are zelda and the price. They're both very tempting but I can pass. I spend enough time gaming without having another console.

kneon2977d ago

Even the price isn't a valid reason. If you want to retain the social gaming as a reason to buy then once you go out and buy all those extra Wiimotes and nunchucks the price get's bumped up by quite a lot.

Titanz2977d ago

Buy the older Wii model, for Gamecube playback.

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