Sony Outsells Wii in Japan; EA Excited Over PS3 Sales Target

With new console purchases expected to reach 200 million units in the next five to six years, John Riccitiello who is the head of Electronic Arts is pleased with the upswing in PS3 sales. "It's been the longest, hardest transition in the history of the industry. Last Friday marked one of those points where you can say something's changed," he said. "Around the world, based on the data I've got, it was pretty clear that the transition is now over."According to Riccitiello, Sony's recent price cut for the PS3 will ensure that the console will hit the company's sales target of 11 million units. While sales for the console have lagged behind the Xbox 360 and Wii for what seems like eons, sales jumped following an October price cut and the launch of a lower-priced version. Last week during the holiday shopping mayhem, the number of PS3 units purchased more than tripled from the year before

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vaan5047d ago

Ok,here come the xbot fud spreaders.
Alright girls you spin that article!

Panthers5047d ago

Why the hell is EA excited. They havent made a decent PS3 game yet.

ruibing5046d ago

If they want respect (but I bet they prefer money) from PS3 owners, they will have to do a lot better from now on.

CaliGamer5047d ago

His face looks like EA is about to unleash another craptastic load of games on the PS3 in the future.
I predict the next Madden to have Mono sound at 15 FPS and EA making excuses as to why that took place, while KZ2 ships with 7.1 sound at 30 FPS and a boat load of people will still buy Madden.

Why do they encourage this company????

gamesblow5047d ago

I could care less about how proud EA is of Sony... EA is the last person I'd want proud of me, hell... look at themselves. How could they even be proud of themselves let alone anyone else?

xionpunk5047d ago

Not to defend EA or anything (bleh), but you'd be pretty proud of yourself too if you convinced so many people to buy your $hitty games.
And the fact that he know that people will CONTINUE to buy his $hitty games lol. yaaaaaaaay money hats!

Bathyj5047d ago

So now EA are actually interested in PS3 they might do a game that does it justice?

I say screw you EA, you've already burnt to many people. Loyalty cant be flipped on and off like a switch. If you gave a crap about your Sony customers you should have shown it before now.

allforcalisto5047d ago (Edited 5047d ago )

sony aren't gonna hit 11 mill this year.

3.5- 4 million ps3's would have to be sold.

I don't doubt that by Q2 those amount of ps3's and probably even more(given what's coming out) will have been sold. But just like microsoft miss their target of 15 million 360's sold by mid 07. Sony will miss this target.
logically is it even possible?!

gamesblow5047d ago

Their fiscal year, not the year in date... Timmy. March is their fiscal year... They ahve plenty of time to hit those targets of 10 million units by then. Christmas and the 1st 2 weeks of January are the biggest shopping spurts for videogames and systems.

allforcalisto5047d ago

oohhh. Whenever i've read journos talking about this target, i just assumed.

well in that case there's a possibility; but they'd have to sell about a mill worldwide each month... (dec,jan, fed, march)

the 360's done i think between 1-2 mill this year total.

undacovabrothe5047d ago

Its possible because Sony has an amazing line up best i ever seen from january to mid next year. Killzone 2 will sell a million consoles probably mgs will sell a million consoles probably and then there are a sh1t load of titles orbiting those. Socom, Tekkan, GTA, DMC, Burnout, Haze, Final Fantasy, Resistence 2 and many more. I am very confident that Sony sales will double again next year. I dont think that they will outsell 360 this xmas but Sony is going to have another xmas in the middle of march.

jackdoe5046d ago

I think the 11 million target is for early next year, about Q1 or Q2 so it is indeed possible.

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